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New Album and Artbook

About the project

A HUGE thank you for your support, we achieved our main goal  🎉 😍 🎊

To be not stopped in our tracks, we offer you the chance to achieve our new goal up to 150% !

That achieved, we would be able to release the next part of "The Goreftaher" in CD & Vinyl  for the end of 2019 / early 2020 !

It already has a name : CLOCKWORK BANANA
We already have composed 3 songs and made a killer artwork cover !

Your support will enable us to make this great project !


At 130%, we'll reveal exclusively the entire cover !

At 140%, we'll reveal some extracts from the first-draft of this CD !

At 150%, we'll release this disc in gatefold vinyl & digipack CD with a total Gore N'Roll Music Video in October 2019 !

Only 6 days to achieve this goal with you !

We take things up a notch, we count on you and CHEERS,-)


Hi everyone,

we are Banane Metalik and we would like to release our 5th album with an artbook about our universe and history  ! It will be made of pictures, covers, artwork, fan art etc...

We cannot realize this project without your support !

Your support will enable us to make this project and of course you will get exclusive contents and rewards !

To wait for the release of our new album (first quarter of 2019) :

 you will receive in September 2018 our artbook with two unreleased tracks on vinyl and CD.

All of the contributors will receive an exclusive BANANE METALIK track, especially made for this Ulule campain !



To wait for the release of our new album, we will send you this 160-pages artbook.

It will come with a vinyl made of 2 unreleased tracks + 1 exclusive digital track.

This artbook recounts our history through many exclusive illustrations, behind the scenes pictures, backstage and other fantasies...

We suggest you as well a T-shirt in its own cover to be dressed to kill ;-)


For many months, we have worked relentlessly on this new album !

We wrote lots of new songs and we are very proud of the result ! We can not wait to share these tracks with you !

However, this new album can not be made without your help !

Your support is the key...and we thank you a million for that !



We are currently working on the making of a new music video !

We hope to reveal it as soon as possible, thansk to your help, to promote properly our new album !





LET THERE BE GORE TOUR : This new tour goes from September to December 2018 !

40 gigs all over the World and Europe with a brand new show and a new setlist featuring exclusive songs including "Let There Be Gore" !


What are the funds for?

To release our new album and the artbook, we have to pay a lot of things.

Unfortunately, we don't have the means to do this yet... However you support is a true strength !

Thanks to you, we might be able to realize the whole project that really matters to us !

We are struggling to do our best to meet your expectations.

Believe it, we have worked really hard to concoct you some wicked tracks !

A picture is worth a thousand words :

If we succeed, Ulule's commission would be up to 8%, it will be deduct from the amount we'd have got.

We need your help up to 15 000 € ! Down below, you will find all the projects we would realize if we pass the stages

We are motivated as hell to give you the best ! 

We have a lot of projects in process, we only need you to give us a hand to make this come true !





  Every contributor will receive

  an exclusiveBANANE METALIK's track,

  especially made for this Ulule campaign !





  The Artbook signed by the band,

  that comes with a vinyl and CD

  (including 2 unreleased tracks)






  signed by the band !

  12 new killer tracks coming from the dry lands of Gore N'Roll !





  BANANE METALIK's latest poster :

  "Gore 'n' Roll"

  Size : A3

  by Corlen KRUGER





  Silkscreen printings of "The Gorefather Tour"

  Limited edition on high-grade paper

  made by Annika DE CORTE






  ExclusiveBANANE METALIK's T-shirts




  For each Artbook ordered,

  receive a 100% Gore N Roll Tattoo Flash board

  by KVN.MJR




The limited and exclusive BANANE METALIK's poster by Paskal MILLET







If we exceed 15 000 €, based on certain stages it would be possible to realize all of our projects. So we could carry on our musical adventure and all of that thanks to you !


- 20 000 € : The second part of the "Gore N'Roll Soundtrack" 


- 30 000 € : The release of the DVD/Blu-ray including all of our gigs around the world + all our music videos


- 40 000 € : The Release of a new EP + a comic book !


- 60 000 € : The shooting of a film with a hell of a cast => A title has already been found ! 

A scene of this film will include afterwards a private gig of Banane Metalik only for the contributors


About the project owner

The French band BANANE METALIK baptize its music « Gore'n'roll »,
a mix of a rock and cinematographic universe.

Throughout some worldwilde tours, the band has become renowned for
its unique universe and the energy which they unleashed in their gigs.
BANANE METALIK have gradually gained in popularity thanks to their discography and have now become a pioneer member of this scene.


Visit our website :

Follow us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter & our youtube channel !