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Holeg Spies AXIS MUNDI

Musical diary based on travels in Arizona & Mongolia

About the project

Hello and welcome,

AXIS MUNDI is a musical diary based on two immersive journeys in Arizona and in the steppes of Mongolia.

ARIZONA, a land of legend. First at SEDONA, a sanctuary of the Native American wisdom. Giant rocks sculpt this red desert forming a magnificient, inspiring horizon.Then, hundreds of miles away, the HOPI land. Though it is forbidden by the tribe council, a family welcomes me. My stay there is tense and exhausting. I feel a great need to be immersed in their history, culture and their ancient rites - to learn as intensively as I am able. Sharing is vital to the survival of the tribe - their language and oral lore, failing to reach younger generations, seem diminished with each elders' death. Blindfolded, isolated in the middle of the desert, these journeys are like diving into timelessness.


Some years later on horseback, I take my backpack to the wide-open spaces of the STEPPES OF MONGOLIA. In a minute, a wide, clear sky can transform into a tsunami of clouds. Around the yurt wood stove, nomads pour you a cup of tea to help you face the blizzard outside. After a 7-hour ride, I am in my tent. It's 5 degrees below zero outside and I record the haunting sounds of the night world - the far off wolves, the beat of vultures’ wings.  It feels like a return to the most fundamental relationship to the wilderness. Here, you feel tolerated by a fierce nature, and must learn the humility to understand that, to survive, you must react quickly to its capricious changes of mood.


«A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.» - Lao Tseu.  Is not the composer a traveler and music his journey?

AXIS MUNDI is a score to an imaginary film, a collection born of these inner immersive journeys that invites you to reconnect with the essential, to forget your references.

As a composer,  the essential thing for me is to deliver a vision of the World with no other objective than to do it truthfully. With complete freedom of expression, but without concession, freeing myself from my own benchmarks and accepted musical rules and other limiting marketing dogmas.

AXIS MUNDI attempts to gets off the beaten track; to offer an unbridled musical search, unpredictable, a composition woven through with improvisations and roaming sound recordings, transcending our reality...

This immersive journey I hope possesses the ability of distancing us from technologies and other mortal coils. It allows us to reconsider our perception of the World. Today's ecological issues impose this reflection that I have expressed through the use of an iconoclastic orchestra of electronic, classical and ancestral instruments: hopefully as a symbol of a possible reconciliation between our hyper-connected society and the environment.

AXIS MUNDI were also an opportunity to invite my gifted friends to contribute their own talent. Patrick Savage, British-Australian, former Principal First Violinist of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, French guitarist, Thierry Gotti and the amazing Japanese percussionist Yasushi Yamazaki.


Album: Axis Mundi
Tracks: The Harbinger - Microgravity - Velvet Hourglass - Metarails  - Pagans - Worlds Apart - Supramyth - When Universe was Sound
Lenght: 38 min
Release : May 2019

Half of the digital sales benefits generated by the album will be donated to the centre for the preservation of the HOPI culture

What are the funds for?

The album is finished!!! Recordings and studio mixing have been recently completed in London. The release is scheduled for May 2019.

Thanks to crowdfunding, solidarity and private funding, my freedom of artistic expression is guaranteed. This freedom which is a dream for many creators whose expression is restrained by the dogmas of the entertainment industry. The funds will cover part of the album promotion.

Numerous rewards are offered to thank you and to match your budget and donation. First reward for all of you is the download of the album 1 month before release. Here are some of the additional rewards:

- 15 pictures taken during the travels


- Limited Digipack editions of my collaborative album and EP with Von Magnet

- Movie soundtracks by Savage & Spies : "The Outsider" with Oscar winner James Caan and Jason Patric, and Brit thriller "Dead End"


- American limited edition CD of the collaborative album of Kore Kosmou (notably with Jon Klein from Siouxsie & The Banshees...)



- Original paintings made with natural ameridian pigments


About the project owner

Once upon a time...

A law student aspiring to a career in diplomacy comes to the dramatic realisation that it is music alone that is his true calling. The universal language of music becomes the medium through which he can truly express his humanist ideals.




According to some biographies, Wikipedia and some cultural books, Holeg Spies is recognised as one of the French pioneers of stylistic fusion and syntonisation (the equivalent of orchestration for electronic music). Touring the world as far afield as Japan, India, North America and all over Europe, he has collaborated with extraordinary artists worldwide and forged his own unique style. On the way he has developed a passion for travel, for learning and for exploring cultures around the world.

David d'Heilly, American curator and journalist living between Tokyo and NYC, summed it up best when he wrote that for 20 years Holeg's work has been "facilitating communication between the world of ancient wisdom and our current network society".

Reviewing Holeg's discography is journey through years of memories - music encompassing so many genres of electronic music, indie-rock, the sounds of ancient cultures and the symphony orchestra, from Universal to Sony and more than 40 record companies around the globe.

And today Holeg finds himsel in the world of the American independent film industry with the composer duo Savage & Spies. As musicians or composers they have contributed to films such as The Lord of the Rings, cult horror The Human Centipede, Oscar-winner James Caan's "The Outsider", Michael Bay's Hitcher, Harry Potter and Raindance award-winning true story drama "Apartment 407" (aka Selling Isobel) by Rudolf Buitendach, and jury members for the 2018 Music & Sound Awards alongside Oscar-winning composer Mychael Danna.

Art installation and performance in Tokyo


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