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A week-end of animation shorts

About the project

Awas is an ubiquitous Malay word you can find almost everywhere when walking or driving around any Malaysian town: it means “attention”, “be careful”: it seemed the perfect acronym for what we had in mind: A Weekend of Animation Shorts.

AWAS! is the only Malaysian event exclusively dedicated to art animation short movies. Its main purpose is to disseminate art animation and expose local audiences to an art form still largely ignored in Malaysia and South-East Asia and eventually to foster a new breed of local animators.

Its first edition took place in March 2016 over five evenings held at Findars Art Space and Raksasa Print Studio in Kuala Lumpur.


The next AWAS! will take place May 5 to 7, 2017 at Findars Art Space.

Check us out on Facebook: Awasfest

It will feature again five different programmes: the first one, Best of Annecy 2016, will offer a selection of the best shorts from this french prestigious animation Festival.
Two different programmes will be dedicated to two of the most outstanding animators around, Yamamura Koji, from Japan and French-Canadian Pierre Hébert.
Mr Yamamura will present his own work as well as a selection of shorts made by his students at Tokyo University for Arts, in addition to offer a FREE TALK.
Pierre Hébert’s programme will be divided into two parts, a mini-retrospective of his 50-year long career and an audio-visual section, featuring local and international musicians improvising on selected movies culled from Mr Hébert’s impressive opus.
Programmes devoted to Asian and Italian animation will complete the programme.
Collateral activities will include the aforementioned free talk offered by Mr Yamamura, a flip-book worskshop by Indonesian animator and illustrator Wulang Sunu and the Asian launch of “Animazioni 4”, the latest volume of the DVD-series dedicated to the Italian Animation New Wave and curated by Andrea Martignoni and Paola Bristot.

AWAS! is a joint project by Dust Breeding, Findars Art Space and Raksasa Print Studio.

What are the funds for?

Fund will be used to cover the main costs in organizing the all festival. (AWAS! is probably the cheapest international animation festival of the World!)

  • Organization expenses: materials for Prizes, Postal expenses for sending prizes, travelling expenses from Europe and Canada
  • Expenses for artists, musicians, films rental
  • Per diem for people involved in working and prepare during the last week including AWAS! weekend

Here below you can see our beautiful T-shirt......You can have one:


T-shirt by Wulang Sunu






T-shirt by Fabrizio Gilardino


Here are photos of artworks by Tey Beng of them could be yours if you want!

Arcade game series No.3  - 2008 - acrylic on canvas - cm. 35,5 x 35,5



Rewolf  - 2013 - ball point on rice paper - cm. 18 x 28


Speedy Cut - 2013 - ball point on rice paper - cm 28 x 18


Laugh - 2007 - Acrylic and ink on drawing paper - cm 20 x 29


Just - 2007 - ink on drawing paper - cm 20 x 29


A short biography of the artist

Tey Beng Tze (b.1983 in Kuala Lumpur)
graduated from Malaysian Institute of Arts (MIA). He is also one of the founding members of Findars. He has been actively participating in various group exhibitions locally and international since 2003 that were held in Galeri Petronas, Valentine Willie Fine Art, National Visual Art Gallery Malaysia, and Bentara Budaya Bali. He held his first solo exhibition," Dirty Mary Crazy Mickey" at Findars @ Annexe in 2009.
Tey's work is a self-exploration through painting/drawing, using visual language and owned experiences, from bits to specific, sometimes nonsense, sometimes practical. His artworks been collected by local & overseas art collector.
Currently work as tattoo artist for living.


About the project owner

This is a picture took last year after the first edition of AWAS!  ....a very eclectic and funny Team!!!


Here the POSTER of the First edition!!!


and here you have a taste of the new POSTER for AWAS! 2017



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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