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A short movie with a Robot

About the project

In a world turned to ashes by war between human and machines, a boy tries to survive. Even if the robot menace is everywhere, he goes on a quest for food. Despite his effort to stay hidden, he gets caught. While everything seems to be lost, the reaction of the robot is not going to be what he expected…

I’ve always been a big fan of sci-fi movies, and I’ve always wanted to make one with robots.
But instead of making a pessimistic story in which humans of robot are killing each other, I prefer to make one full of hope.

The movie takes its inspiration form the period before the boom of the digital special effect.
All the effect are going to be made using traditional technics : Costumes, make up, models, matte painting… no CGI !

This movie is an ambitious project that we would like to create a great movie. We are convince of its potential and we are ready for everything to make it happen.  

The movie is produced by the production company Hilldale and the producer Stephen Meance who’s gathering partners and technicians to reduce as much as possible the cost of production. 

But even with all the will in the world, making such project without help is impossible. It needs a lot of ressources such as camera, lighting equipment, food for the crew, transportation… 

And most of all, a Robot!

CAUTION : It’s all or nothing. If we don’t reach our goal before late-octobre, the project will be canceled. All backers will be rembourse and the movie won’t happen. It would be a shame isn’t it? 

Here we go! The Robot!

We choose to rely on CGI as less as possible.
When we talk about fictional characters, costume and live special effect look movie alive on the screen. They have a saoul. They are real. It’s a feeling that is impossible to recreate with a computer. 

This is why we called Naythero, an artist specialized in the conception of costume and armor to create the Robot.

In return we offer present ranging from DVD and posters, to the complete costume of the Robot. And most of all, you’ll get to be part of the adventure of the creation of a movie!

You’ll have access to the back stage. As production goes on, we’ll keep you update of everything. Preparation, the shoot, post-production. You’ll know everything! 

Every single pledge count!

What are the funds for?

8500 euros is the minimum to allow the movie to existe. We’ll be able to gather the element necessary to make this movie.

But if fortunately we go over what we aimed for, every single penny will be use to make the movie even better.
We could for exemple have an extra day of shooting or make a greater robot!

8 500 : We can make the movie. Thank you so much.

10 000 euros : The movie can be made and we can make a robot even cooler!

12 000 euros : The movie can be made in excellent condition. We can have the best robot in the word. AND, we can do
a solide promotion after ward (posters, festivals, screenings…)

About the project owner

Arthur Tabuteau - The Director

As far as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by science fiction.

From books, to movies, to video games from my childhood, this genre has a special place in my creative universe.

After graduating from the ESRA film school in Paris, I moved to New York for three years to study screenwriting.

There, I directed my first short movie, Chip, a film-noire inspired by classics like Blade Runner.

After that, I worked as an editor and director for several production companies in New York.

Since I came back to Paris, I’ve been working on several projects ranging from commercials to music videos.


My Website

Stephan Meance - The Producer

Stephan Meance is a director of photography and a producer.

At 18, he followed his brother and created the production company Hilldale.

While completing his studies, he worked on numerous projects as a 1st assistant director and photographer. He quickly discovered his passion for the science of lighting.  

His producer eye and his experience as an AD is a big asset for Avant. He knows how to understand a director, knows what can be realistically accomplished, finds ideas, and most of all, he fights to make the movie happen.



Yannis Richard - The Kid

I’ve mostly worked on stage on prestigious projects such as Robin Hood.

I love the topic of Avant and I want to fight for this project! A kid finds himself alone after a war has destroyed his family. He has to survive with whatever he can with only a little truck for company, his only connection from his life from before.

I want to be that kid. I want to feel what he feels when he meets the Robot. I want to build this multi-layered character. 

Avant is a short movie that deserves to be made and I’m counting on you to help us to make this beautiful project happen. 

Official Facebook Page

Kids Talent

Naythero - The Robot

Specialised in the design of costumes, Naythero is a well-known figure in the world of cosplay.

He worked with Hilldale and Stephan Mean on the fan video Metal Gear Rising, which has been praised by  Hideo Kojima himself.

Naythero put his talent to use in Avant to design, build, and play the Robot.

Official Facebook Page

Metal Gear Rising

Crapules - Graphic Design

Crapules is a swagy collective which is in charge of the crowdfunding campagne and of the few digital effects in the movie.