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Dans Un Autre Monde

Last weeks of shooting

About the project


In the near future, the International Space Organization sent four astronauts to an unprecedented mission with the spacecraft “Excursor". Shortly after a successful launch, the astronauts suddenly lost consciousness.

When they woke up, all communication with the control center was gone. Left by themselves, they had to stop their mission and use the rescue pod to return to Earth.

But are they in the same land as they left a few hours ago? Why did their on-board computer start to speak like a human and was renamed as ISAC?
Astronauts Nicolas Delachaume, Laura Simione, Marc Terry and Lucas Ferrin, will soon discover that this mysterious planet is under the control of a matriarch who rules with an iron fist.


Running time: 10 episodes of 5 minutes each.

Genre: Science Fiction - Comedy

Production: Cepa-possible

Last weeks of shooting: from November 2015 to January 2016

The project:

Last April, the Cepa-Possible association launched a crowdfounding initiative to finance its web-series “Dans Un Autre Monde”. Thanks to the generous donations collected in June, our team started the realisation of the show. This project turned into an exciting adventure: for 5 months now, we have been gathering every weekend for the shooting, with almost a hundred volunteers taking part. We intend for our project to keep growing.

The funds collected in June allowed us to improve our technique and sharpen our skills. The results of these few months of shooting have been beyond our expectations; we have invested so much and we cannot wait to show our work to the public. However, in developing our skills we have also encountered an increase of costs and a prolongation of the working schedule. Moreover, even though the shoots are almost over, we now need to focus on getting our project out there, investing in communications and marketing to reach our public. This is why the final phase of DUAM’s realisation needs your support.

To give you an idea of the work accomplished over the past few months, and the progress made by the team since the broadcasting of our trailer in April, you will discover here two extracts of the show, still undergoing the final editing touches.

Promised, we will not disappoint you, we are counting on you to help us end DUAM on a high note!

"Imminent take-off" 
At the begininng of the adventure, our four astronauts are about to get on board of "Excursor".  

"Every man must die"
Attacked by a mysterious militia, Major Delachaume counterattacks! 

Bonus: A glimpse of DUAM's Making Of

The origins of the project:

The idea was born in 2011. At that time, our team had the ambition to make a science fiction web-series. We began to write a plot and test the special effects.

The first challenge we faced was to deliver high quality special effects. It was at that time that Jerome Montignies joined the team. During the following three years, he improved the team’s skills in 3D modeling, mat painting, tracking and green screen technology. We carried out numerous tests during the preparatory phase of the web-series, and we are confident to say that we are now able to give our viewers a great visual experience.

The second challenge we faced was to write an original comedy script that would be new and fresh to our audience. The first version was written in 2012. After various feedbacks, we shortened the script to meet the preferences of the web viewers. The final version was written and approved by the team in October 2014. 

In 2015, we now have everything ready to launch our web-series, making DUAM the most ambitious project we have developed so far. The shooting started last July, and every weekend for five months new people have joined our adventure. The project has gathered almost a hundred volunteers both as extras and within the artistic and technical teams. We have accomplished quite a lot and we are counting on your financial support to help us develop this project even more. 

What are the funds for?

Our team is made of motivated volunteers with professional skills. We need your help and support to make this project happen. In order to give you the best visual experience, we have set a budget of 2400 € to cover all the remaining costs.The budget breaks down as follow:

  • Purchase and rental equipment: 660 €
  • Transportation and food: 430 €
  • Rental of filming location: 150 €
  • Communications: 488 €
  • Perks: 480 €
  • Ulule (8% of comission): 192 €

About the project owner

The Cepa-possible association :

Coming from different backgrounds, it was theatre that brought us together. In 2007, our shared passion for cinema led to the production of our first short movie. This is where all the adventures began! Over the years we tried to develop our artistic and technical skills to create shots that give our audience the best visual experience we could possibly achieve. With our continuous progress, we created our association in December 2011.

Each member has a different talent to offer to the association.“Cepa-possible” is the name we gave ourselves when we shot our first video. The duties of the association include screen writing, production of videos (short, medium, long footage and web series). In order to fund our projects, we also accept requests to record private or public events.

Here some of our previous works:

Je suis Michel (Nikon Film Festival 2015)

Hobo Game (Trailer tourné à Montréal) - 2014

Un peu - Série de 4 vidéos courtes - 2014

Sept ans - Court métrage - 2013

Les Miens - Court métrage - 2012

The Team:

Valentin Bourdeau - Director and Co-screenwriter

Valentin has been acting since 2005. In high school, he discovered the world of audiovisual media, which became his passion since.  He is the director of this series also one of the pioneers of this project at its early stage.
Role: Lucas Ferrin

Jérôme Montignies – Co-director and Post-production engineer 

Jérôme is Mr. Special Effects for the team. As a self-taught director and post-production engineer, he directed his first short movie for the Nikon Film Festival this year. He has been acting in theatre since 2001.
Role: Mouche

Gisèle Worthington – Casting director and costume manager

As a professional actress, Gisèle alters between the theatre and short films. She is passionate for acting and hopes to develop her competence as a casting director with the web-series DUAM. She is also in charge of the costumes.
Role: Laura Simione

Thierry Buscarlet – Sound engineer

Thierry started working in audiovisual media for the Cinevie association, which trained him to video direction. He studied audiovisual media, learning his craft in video edition while working for France Télévisions. Passionate by cinema, he joined the technical team of DUAM at the beginning of the web-series shooting. He is in charge of the sound recording and editing. 

Antoine Gautier - Technical assistant

Antoine started acting in theatre since 2000. He is currently studying in a drama school. He directed several short films in the association. His proficient technical skills are a real asset to the team. 
Role: Noah

Emilien Gaigeard – Chief operator

After taking acting courses for several years, Emilien has directed multiple short films. He also has stage management experience. He is the audiovisual technician for DUAM.
Role: Marc Terry

Frédéric Le Bot – President of the Cepa-Possible association

As the president of the association, Fréderic is responsible for the administration of the project.  He also contributes to the team with his strong technical skills during the production. 
Role: Pierrot de Fou

Emmanuelle Germon - Communications officer

With a passion for theatre and cinema, Emmanuelle choose to follow a carreer in artistic production and communications. Determined to play a part in the project and to develop the series' communications hub she joined the team this Autumn.

Frank Vezien – Composer

Frank was there at the very beginning of the project. With his talent for music and passion for cinema, he composes the soundtrack of the series.

Special mentions:

  • Nicolas Barbier – Boom operator
  • Florian Gueffet – Studio manager
  • Framboise D’Ortoli – Claperboard / script-girl
  • Anne-Sophie Gaigeard – Claperboard / script-girl
  • Julia Irrmann – Make up designer
  • Séréna Merschardt – Make up designer

It was theatre that brought all the team members together. We enjoyed acting together and we decided that each of us would play a role in the web series. Our team is enriched by experienced and amateur actors, with whom we previously worked with in theatre.

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