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ATOM 2.0

The most refined delta printer yet.

About the project

The story:

Following a great start in its native land that is Taiwan, ATOM is now launching its new delta 3D printer. With a 2 years background in the 3D printing industry, we believe we are ready to grow and share our amazing product with the world's Makers communities. After Japan, ATOM is landing in France!

The ATOM 2.0 is the most refined delta printer yet! Building on our experience and on early customers feedbacks, we redesigned our printer with a user centric approach.

From the part design, the choice of materials, the assembly details down to the unpacking and assembly experience, every single aspect has been improved. It sums up in a delta 3D printer whose performances are exceeding the ones of any competitor in its market segment.

All metal construction:

All structural parts and parts related to printing are constructed with metal, fitting together with no room for unwanted movement or warping from external forces. Once assembled, ATOM 2.0 stays completely rigid down to the center hub, which is essential for printing beautifully stacked layers with no offset.

Super precise and consistent extrusion:

The essense of a good print is a smooth, equally thick extrusion that is at the right temperature for bonding.

We’ve re-designed the entire hot end assembly from the ground up and custom built our parts so they can fit together seamlessly to provide a super consistent extrusion of filament. The hot end is CNC milled from titanium and, paired with the custom aluminum heatsink, ensures that the heating stays in a very localized area for better temperature control and better preservation of filament integrity.

All new triple fan system:

The ATOM 2.0 center hub carries a triple fan cooling system. One fan is dedicated for stabilizing the hot end temperature. The remaining dual fans provide accelerated cooling for freshly laid down filament, which enables the printer to print overhangs at extreme angles and even bridges without support material.

Configure it your way:

ATOM 2.0 is a modular printer. In addition to the solo hot end, dual hot end configurations and a laser engraver are possible. The center hub is also designed to accomodate any future modules.

OPENBUILDS™ compatible:

Not only is our center hub modular, the entire structure is open to modifications as seen on the Openbuilds community.

Tightening the belt is now quick and painless:

The belt translates the stepper motor’s movements to the movement of the print head. Reaching the optimal belt tension is essential for getting an exact and consistent printing results.

Gone are the days of fidgeting with zip ties to hold the belt.

We’ve designed a new belt clamp for each cart for easy adjustment of belt tension without needing to re-install the belt. One bolt adjusts the tension while the other bolt locks it in place.

Print super fine layers:

With various conditions and factors meticulously controlled, ATOM 2.0 can print extremely thin layers, so thin that the layers are almost indistinguishable by the eye.

The best value for money on the market:

The ATOM 2.0 sticks to the original intent of the brand - offering a super performing 3D printer to all the Makers around the globe. Therefore we have made the choice to design an affordable 3D printer without compromising with the quality. Today we are proud to say that we reached our goal and we strongly believe that our printer is currently the best value for money on the market. Lets stop talking and give you a few benchmark images to prove it!

A small footprint for bigger prints:

The ATOM 2.0 has a massive advantage on most desktop 3D printers on the market: its footprint is minimal but its maximum print size is enormous! The reason for that is to help you make the most of your working environment and of your work itself. Actually the maximum printing volume of the ATOM 2.0 is on average 40% superior to most competitors.

Understand your printer from the ground up:

What better way to know every part of your 3D printer than to assemble it yourself? All the parts you need to assemble an ATOM 2.0 comes snug in a compact package, and we invite you to take the journey of building your very own ATOM 2.0 to gain a deeper understanding of it.

The most comprehensive assembly experience:

We’ve proudly designed and made every little detail of our instruction manual in-house.


Our PLA filament offer:

What are the funds for?

We have chosen and its community to help us in the launch and the development of our brand in France. The 'pre-sale' formula seemed to be the best to allow us starting distribution of this new 3D printer in Europe.

'Ululers' who decide to support our project will be the firsts in Europe to own an ATOM 2.0!

We are also proposing a special pack with printer + workshop. That will allow less adventurous people to come to Marseille and pick up their printer kit, assemble it with us and start playing with it in a secure environment. 

About the project owner

The ATOM R&D team is composed of 2 engineers and 3 designers. I am personally a Mechanical Engineer and an Industrial Designer, I am French and I am in charge of bringing ATOM to France. I have worked for many years in the industry, developping innovative products for big companies as well as start-ups (in the UK, Asia and Europe).

Back in 2010, I started a company called Alt Design with 2 of my friends Taiwanese and Singaporean. That seed turned up to be the beginning of ATOM. In 2014, my passion for kitchen tools pushed me to launch my own kitchen brand under the name of Alandry ( The first product of that brand is an innovative salt and pepper shaker.


Contact us:

[email protected]

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  • When is shipping estimated to start! BTW: Looks awesome!

    Hi Jonas,

    Thanks for your enquiry. Following is the delivery plan:
    - ATOM kits: delivery during may 2015
    - ATOM kits + workshops: workshops will take place in June 2015
    - ATOM assembled machines: delivery during July 2015
    Those are estimated delivery dates. We will be working hard to bit that but of course it's gonna depend on the success of the campaign.

    Best regards.

    Last updated: 4 years ago