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Atelier St Eustache

The chouettes socks of Atelier St Eustache

About the project

Hello ! The campaign is now over. 

You will soon be able to find the chouettes socks on pre-sales on the website 

The socks will be made this summer in Italy, and the delivery is expected for september. I will keep you updated with what happens next !

Thank you very much !

The chouettes socks of Atelier St Eustache all started with a voyage : A year studying architecture in Tokyo.

Then it became a discovery : the Japanese seemingly worshipped their socks. One of them in particularly caught my attention : the sheer sock.

Amazed by this unique accessory, it became an adventure. From the moment I came back to France, I worked on building my own sock brand.

Resident in a business and artistic coworking space, I've been working for more than a year to create nice socks for your feet !

This first collection is inspired by Tokyo's districts, that I walked through for a year. Each sock recalls a building or a neighborhood, and bears its name

Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27


I looked all over Europe for more than a year to find factories that were able to produce these kind of innovative socks. And it was in Italy that I found the dream product.

The making of socks is quite complex. They are made in big machines, surrounded by balls of yarns that will be knitted like a tube. It takes approximately 5 minutes to knit one sock. Next comes the handmade reaming, to close the tip. It ends with the forming, to fix the socks by heating them with steam. Finally, every pair is gathered with the label.  And they're ready !


Atelier St Eustache’s socks are made of two materials : a transparent polyamid yarn, thicker than tights ; and a strong coton, knitted on the tip and the heel.

I thought my packaging to be reusable. For an order of 1 or 2 pairs, socks will come in a sheer pouch. For orders above 3, you'll have the choice of asking for pouches or a gift box.  

• Sizes : Europe : 36/38 and 39/41 • UK : 3/5 and 6/8 • US : 4.5/6.5 and 7/9 • Japan : 22/24 and 25/27

• Design selection : You will not have to choose the design or the size at the moment of order. I will send you an email during the campaign to ask about your choice ! No worries, there will be a sum up of the choices with pictures.

• Order for different designs : Need different sizes ? No problem, it is possible to ask for various sizes among the same order. So don't hesitate to order with your friends !

• Delivery fees : They are free for France, and 5€ anywhere in the world.

• Time of delivery : The dates of this campaign has been chosen so that the production would be made during summer, when we prefer flip-flops to derbies. The delivery is planned for september !

• Returns : if you don't like the socks, you will have 15 days once received to send them back to us. You will have to pay the return fees. Each product has to be returned brand new with its original packaging. The socks must not have been worn, with the label still sewn. In case we receive the product and see that it has been damage, or is the label is missing, Atelier St Eustache has the right to refuse reimbursement.

• Public price : After the campaign, a pair of socks will be sold at 19€ a pair. So get them now !

• Contact : If you have any question don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]


• June 22nd : come to Atelier Meraki, 14-16 rue Neuve Popincourt, 75011, Paris, to meet the maker and see the product ! There will be a nice apéritif organized.

• Every day of the week : contact me at [email protected] and we can make an appointment for you to come and visit the showroom at Atelier Meraki !

What are the funds for?

About the project owner

I wish to thank all the people that are surrounding me and helping me every day, because I would never have made it without my friends and family.

A big thanks to Annie, Muriel, Clément, Clémence, Shérif, Ghali, Misaki, Julie, Johanna, Coralie, Olivia, Caroline, Matthieu, Eléonore, Quentin, Thao, Monica, Astrid, Véronique, and to all these people that accompagny me one way or an other in this beautiful and exciting adventure.


Project actors : A.D. graphist : Caroline Zajaczkowski // Photographer : Clara Ferrand

Movie director : Lou Tavaglione // Model : Suzanne Rault-Balet


Thanks to the designer Mamamushi for her trouser fot Shibuya Black pictures,

Thanks to the designer Les Petites Jupes de Prune for her skirt for Asakusa pictures,

Thanks to the designer Luie for her bodie for Asakusa pictures,

Thanks to the designers Pied de Biche for their shoes for Shinjuku Black pictures,

And thank you to my dear friends for lending me the clothes ans shoes that I was missing !

To start the production and make the collection available in September 2017, I need to gather as many order as possible.

So please : like, share and speak about these socks around you !

Stay updated and discover more pictures in our social medias :



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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