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The greatest quiz championship ever!

About the project

Askking Quizz

Askking is a quiz championship based on 12 categories (History/Geography, Music, Movies & TV, Sports, People/Fashion, News, etc.) with a simple rule: get the highest number of correct answers in 100 seconds!

Soon available on iPhone & iPad, this game allows you to challenge your friends and participate in a weekly tournament, combining general knowledge and delight in learning. 

Today's Askking questions database is available in French and grows every day with further additions to stay connected and entertained.


Askking Quizz

What are the funds for?

Askking Quizz

Askking is a true alive social quiz, accessible anytime on your iPhone or iPad.

It is our ambition to make the game international and available to a larger audience with your help:

Askking Quizz

Extend our game to other countries by "localizing" questions: translation in 5 additional languages (english, german, spanish, italian and japanese).

Hire writers to create questions with a local flavor for categories such as news, people/fashion, sports, movies & TV.

Askking Quizz

Democratize our game by covering more devices: not everyone owns an iPhone/iPad!

We want to port Askking on Android smartphones and tablets, on computers via Facebook and other devices...

Askking Quizz

Implement a technical infrastructure (servers, bandwidth) to allow multiplayers usage.

Offer a fluid and super fast gaming experience anytime, anywhere, to all countries.

Askking Quizz

About the project owner

Askking Quizz


Cat Wrestler and Ring Great Thinker.

Passionate about culture, he decided to create his own game to entertain people and allow them to learn at anytime.

Askking strong points: All

Askking weak points: None


Askkat got in touch so that he could make the quiz game beautiful.

Askking strong points: Music - Geek - Sports

Askking weak points: People/Fashion - Essential stuff - Science & Technology


Askkat asked him to make sure the entire world know about his game!

Askking strong points : Arts/Litterature - News - Movies & TV

Askking weak points : Back2School - History & Geography - Fun & Unusual

All of them are super motivated to make Askking the ultimate quiz game!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!