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Another book by Biblioteca Infantil Roterdão!

About the project


Arvizinhos means something like “neighbours who share a tree” in Portuguese. The neighbours in this book are forest animals, who nevertheless face very human problems. Arvizinhos is a humorous fable that challenges us to think about the causes and consequences of our actions. Recently, we took a step further by publishing children’s books by Portuguese speaking illustrators and writers. Arvizinhos will be our third book. 


Text (in Portuguese) by Sara Levy

Illustration by Elisa Ochoa

Hardcover, 22cm x 22cm

24 pages

What are the funds for?


We depend on donations to fund the printing costs for the book.

Any profits from the sale of the book will be used directly to purchase books for our library’s collection.

One of our storytelling sessions at Biblioteca Infantil Roterdão

About the project owner



We are Diana Dinis, Constança Saraiva, Andreia Costa and Patrícia Pinheiro de Sousa, four Portuguese women living and working in Rotterdam. In 2016 we created Biblioteca Infantil Roterdão, a library of children's books by Portuguese  speaking authors, headquartered in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

The library wants to give to children of Portuguese speaking origin, access to children's books written in Portuguese, and well as to invite families to participate in the storytelling sessions in Portuguese and creative activities that we organize every month.

With this mission, Biblioteca Infantil Roterdão supports the dissemination of the Portuguese language in the Netherlands and contributes to the strengthening of the linguistic and cultural ties of our little readers with their Portuguese speaking origins.

We believe that reading and telling stories to children not only stimulates their interest in reading and books but also contributes to better develop their written and speaking skills, increasing their vocabulary, development, and knowledge in general. In addition, reading encourages the imagination, curiosity, and learning of the youngest, while also fostering their emotional growth and self-knowledge.

The moment of reading between educators and children is an essential and indispensable phase for their relationship and the appreciation of these family ties.

Finally, we believe that reading children's books in Portuguese to children who were born in a foreign language country contributes to a better and happier knowledge of the Portuguese language.


Sara Levy (text) is completing a doctorate in urban planning and has a master's degree in environmental engineering. She occasionally publishes in Portuguese newspapers (Expresso, Público, and Jornal de Negócios). She is the author of several short stories and is finishing a novel about academic life. She currently lives in Paris but has lived in the Netherlands, the United States, Greece, and Spain.

Elisa Ochoa (illustration) is a visual artist, curator, and researcher in the area of ​​heritage and artistic education. She developed several art education projects in several international cities such as Lisbon, Barcelona, and New York.  She has a Master in Museology and Museography from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon. In the last three years, she has dedicated herself to illustration, painting, and photography, having already held some exhibitions in Lisbon and Barcelona. Her special interest in nature led her to explore graphically many of the Portuguese marine elements, with drawings, clippings, and paintings about its fauna and flora. She is currently also a resident curator of the artistic collective À’Linha.

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