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Punishment Island - The Artwork

Help us finance the drawings by Comfort Abemigisha for the documentary.

About the project

With this crowdfunding we are looking to complete the artwork for the documentary "Punishment Island", which is in production already, thanks to the funds raised through the previous crowdfunding we did on this site.

More info about the documentary

“Punishment Island” is an Italian-German documentary co-production, directed and produced by Laura Cini, co-produced and shot by Philine Von Duszeln, co-produced and supervised by Sirio Zabberoni. It is the story of a tiny island in remote Uganda, where pregnant unmarried women were taken to die for having broken the taboo of premarital sex. Some were saved by poor men who were going to the island to pick free brides. Being disowned, the original family wouldn’t have claimed the brideprice for them. The documentary will explore the story from the unusual point of view of the island itself: a tiny land who is about to become submerged in the waters of the surrounding lake and wants to make sure “her” story is told properly before she vanishes forever. You can see the documentary trailer here: 

More info about this crowdfunding campaign:

The drawings of Ugandan young artist Comfort Abemigisha will interpret the stories told by the survivors, with his unique style that mixes contemporaneity and tradition. That’s what we are looking to finance with this new crowdfunding, offering prints of the drawings as rewards for your contributions.

All supporters, no matter how small the contribution is, will be thanked on our Facebook page and Blog .

What are the funds for?

In details with your contributions we will:

-Buy the materials to make the drawings.

-Pay for the prints.

-Pay for shipping between Uganda and Europe.

-Pay the platform fees.

-And most of all pay Comfort for his work.

Any extra funding raised will be used to help a local community activity, Just some background information about this: in documentaries we don’t pay the characters as it is obvious, but it is a common rule to allocate part of the budget for sponsoring an activity to benefit not the individual, but the community as a whole. We have already given a 200 Euros contribution with the previous crowdfunding to the local hospital which has recently opened, but this is not enough. Since it is very difficult to raise enough funds for the documentary itself, this item is often ignored. We want to make sure that doesn’t happen. We cause disturbance, we take people’s time and energies, we want to make sure we make up for this, especially in a country where there is much to do to improve people life. Priority amongst the projects to support will be judged on location, but we are especially looking at the local hospital and the school for children with special needs.

About the project owner

I am Laura Cini, author, producer and director of the documentary. Graduated both in Film and Anthropological and Geographic Studies, I committed to documentary-making in the recent years, driven by my interest in human beings and different cultures.

However, Comfort Abemigisha is the real protagonist of this crowdfunding campaign. He is a young Ugandan artist graduated in Industrial and Fine Art. He sells his paintings in Uganda and internationally. With a passion for filmmaking, he is involved in video production and post with his baby production company K Concept. He has been involved in the production of “Punishment Island” since its initial stage as main translator/researcher and he is now in charge of drawing all the artwork for the film. This is also on occasion for Comfort's work to be known internationally.

You can follow us at:


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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