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The art of photography made with a mobile device. Let's make this book !!!

About the project


ARTmobile is an editorial project aimed at publishing, in book format, the work of outstanding photographers who capture and edit their pictures on smart phones.

Once smart phones showed up on the photographic horizon, the technical possibilities and the higher quality of the images captured by these devices have led to a new generation of photographic artists, free from the restrictions of traditional equipment.

We have chosen eight photographers, from eight European countries. They are all internationally known through of their numerous awards, exhibitions and mentions. Their photographs are not just pretty images, but are significant examples of consolidated artistic careers, with a very particular and new style.

The choice of photographers working with such an innovative device is not a mere whim, it does not look to bow to current fads or fashion. Nowadays, a smart phone combines, in a small device, the benefits of a traditional camera, countless of editing resources and the possibility of sharing the results immediately on social networks.

Our eight photographers have also applied the techniques of mobile photography to very different photographic styles, such as street photography, lifestyle, architecture, urban landscape and nature. They are among the most valued mobile photographers on social networks, like Instagram, having each one of them thousands of followers, teaching workshops and even holding conferences. They are the reference in the current trends of photography with mobile devices in Europe.

The book will include photographs especially selected by the authors themselves, mostly unpublished, which proposes a sample of their styles and artistic careers.

  • Christina Nørdam Andersen (Copenhaguen)
  • Luis Rodríguez (Madrid)
  • Marco Lamberto (Milan)
  • Marianne Hope (Amsterdam)
  • Naomi Meran (Zurich)
  • Niall O'Leary (London)
  • Sébastian Pélegrin (Paris)
  • Thomas Kakareko (Berlin)


Our aim is to publish a pioneering book unique in its genre, different from those books published so far, in which each author will have a wide number of pages to show his/her best pictures, as if it was a personal photographic exhibition.

The book is the basic unit to participate supporting the Project, and the principal reward for our patrons. One thousand copies of high quality  in square format 21x21 cm, with over 200 pages, bound in paperback.


Enlargement of the photographs chosen by each author will be printed as an optional addition to the book. They will be available for our most enthusiastic patrons in a 40x40 cm. syze, printed in 200 grams, high durability and quality photographic paper:

  • 1 book + 4 Prints of a single photographer chosen by the patron.
  • 1 book + 8 Prints, one of each photographer.

ARTmobile can be a great gift not only for you, but also for your partner, your best friend or your family!


Christina Nordam Andersen (Copenhagen) 

Taking and editing photos aroused the curiosity in Christina and opened her eyes to the beauty around us, no matter how discreet it is. It has been said that she´s not a typical “street photographer”, but she rather achieves to subtly transmit states of moods. Her imagery is subtle and moving, with a strong affinity to black and white as a means of expression.

Web  -  Instagram

Marco Lamberto (Milan) 

Marco is a Technology Information professional who started using Instagram at the beginning of 2011. He photographs what he loves, and he loves what he photographs. Thanks to Instagram, he discovered his passion for street photography and rediscovered his origin on Black and White and 6x6 film. Every day is a story, a journey, part of an ongoing which he loves to share online.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  EyeEm -  Flickr  -  500px  -  Google+

Luis Rodríguez (Madrid) 

Luis is a Spanish architect hooked to mobile photography since he bought his first iPhone in 2010 and Instagram showed up. His work focuses on street photography: the city and its scenes, observed directly or indirectly through reflected images. He has held several individual and collective exhibitions, as well as conferences at congresses and festivals. His photographs have won awards in national and international competitions.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  EyeEm  -  500px  -  Flickr

Marianne Hope (Amsterdam) 

Marianne is originally from Norway but lives and works in Holland with her husband and three children. Besides making mobile photography and being manager of SeeMyCity she´s the owner of PicturelySpoken, a business specialized in portrait and lifestyle photography.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  About.me

Naomi Meran (Zurich) 

Naomi is mother of an eight years old girl and works as a digital consultant. She loves the photography of landscapes and nature. She captures the moods through the fog, the dim lights and sometimes introduces her daughter´s silhouette. Naomi captures only with her iPhone and edits her pictures with apps like Vscocam, Litely and Mextures, adding a little magic of Instagram.at the end of the process.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  About.me

Niall O'Leary (London) 

Niall is a photgrapher based in London. He loves to capture perspectives and lines. He studied photography and worked as Photographer assistant. Nowadays, he is Art Director and CEO of Bank of Contemporary Photographic at Millennium Images. His photographs are published in books and magazines, both covers and interiors, and he has been awarded with several prizes in international competitions. He regularly participates as a juror in photographic competitions.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  EyeEm  -  Pinterest  -  Linkedin

Sébastian Pelegrin (Paris) 

Sébastien works in magazines as Art Director. He started taking photographs with a small digital camera ten years ago. Four years ago, after downloading Instagram, he started shooting with his iPhone . Since then, his way of shooting has changed, he now wanders around Paris with his iPhone and captures monuments as well as the people on the streets. His secret wish would be to have one day a smartphone with a similar quality of a Leica.

Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook  -  EyeEm

Tomas Kakareko (Berlin) 

Thomas loves the images in black and white, like a true street photographer. He began photographing in October 2010, shortly after Instagram was launched in the Apple Store. Since then, he has become one of the most followed photographers and is very well known inside and outside Germany. His snapshots have been shown in several exhibitions worldwide and published in newspapers, magazines and blogs.

Web  -  Instagram  -  Twitter  -  Facebook


As a project, we believe in Artmobile and we want to share this enthusiam with you!

If, like us, you are passionate about photography and you like our proposal, please help us transform this publication from a dream to a reality. Whether you participate financially or not, you can also help us spread our message on social networks, in your circle of friends or among your followers. With your support we can go far.

What are the funds for?


We are not a publisher, but a group of photographers, designers and photograph enthusiasts in search of alternative methods to navigate the current difficulties of traditional publishing markets.

Crowdfunding allows us to simplify the process and focus on what really interests us: recognition  and promotion of the work of our photographers, with the addition of being able to reach thousands of people, which the traditional distribution channels wouldn´t allow us to.

Participating as a patron in ARTmobile involves not only acquiring a fantastic book and beautiful prints, but also encouraging our artists by accompanying them in their creative process, in their way of understanding the art of photography and vision of our society.


Our objective requires co-financing a circulation of 1,000 books at a price of 34 € (taxes included). This amount will guarantee covering production costs, platform commissions and payment gateways, management, taxes, and so on.

But what is more important: the benefits generated by each book will reward the work of each of the participating artists. The crowdfunding system allows us to eliminate the costs of mediation and distribution, dedicating those resources to increase the quality of the project.


Once the funding process is finished, we will need a period of 40-50 days to finalize the issue: layout of the book, preparation of prints, printing and distribution. It is necessary to considerate the shipping process depending on the reward formula chosen and origin of our patrons.

Anyway, it is our intention that you have ARTmobile in your hands as soon possible.

About the project owner

Alberto Rubio (Bilbao) 

My name is Alberto (albertomakusikusi on social networks) and I am the coordinator for  the ARTmobile project. My work consists mainly of shaping and energising the project, combining the work of our eight photographers and managing the funding process. I have participated in other similar projects of co-editing related to the world of photography and art.

Given the current circumstances of the publishing market and the difficulties for photographers to see their work published, we have chosen crowdfunding as a way to overcome difficulties and question traditional methods. Many great ideas would be doomed to failure if an alternative way was not sought.

A project by everyone, for everyone, with small gestures, which generate great results.

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