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Color Warz Art Book

Art Book based on Color Warz universe, board games and miniatures.

Color Warz History from ISART Digital studies to FLUO Craft

Hello to all of you,

We are now 55% funded and it remains 11 days to make it happen. So we decided to make another effort to give you the best Artbook we can :)

A new chapter!

This is why we deciced to add right now this new chapter in this Art Book. So the book goes from 90 to 110 pages !

*Color Warz Prototype, Red (left) and Yellow (rigt) Leaders by Pascal Vanzato.

So this new chapter will come back over 10 years of Color Warz in over 20 pages, since the video game prototype at Isart Digital Paris and our Gameplay Award. From very early design researches to how we discovered the talented artists: Giuseppe, Kevin and Maxime.

*Color Warz Warrior concept by Kev DC and Xavier Ramonède / sushixav (red lines)

*Color Warz Warrior concept by Kev DC and Xavier Ramonède / sushixav (red lines)

We will show you all the steps in the creation of Color Warz Paint Brawl and Color Warz Dark Threat prototypes too and do some interviews with the illustrators and the FLUO Games team.

New stretch goal map

Because this new chapter was added to the original Art book, we replaced this Stretch Goal by free Postal cards for all!

Have a nice day and see you soon,