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Color Warz Art Book

Art Book based on Color Warz universe, board games and miniatures.

About the project

Illustrated by Max Berthelot, Kev DC (Gob'z'Heroes) and Gius.


After 10 years of hard work on this project, we are proud to present to you this book that will include all the background and design of Color Warz universe.

Through early sketches to final printed version discover over 40 original characters and fabulous landscapes described by authors.

What about Color Warz

Color Warz is an original universe based on paint, small creatures and magic.

An antic battle opposes Kaos the God of Nothingness to Gaia the Goddess of Life over the control of Mana, the pure magical star.

The story takes place on a little planet called Khroma, overhung with a giant tree: The World Tree.

There, The Khromaz which are small creatures leave and grow up on Khromic trees and make fight with paint. There are six different clans : red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple. Each clan gets his own specificity.

But in the cursed forest, a dark power is growing and a great danger approaches to enslave the Khromaz people.

Hopefully, an old master called Oak is looking for the Chosen One that will be powerful enough to counter the Dark Threat.

Book Summary

  1. Chapter 1 : Genesis (battle between Gaïa and Kaos) - 4 pages
  2. Chapter 2 : The Ancient and the fall of the Light King - 19 pages
  3. Chapter 3 : A new age : Oak, his Followers and the Ronin - 17 pages
  4. Chapter 4 : Looking for the Chosen One (Paint Brawl arc) - 27 pages
  5. Chapter 5 : The Chosen One and The Wooden King (Dark Threat arc) - 20 pages
  6. Chapter 6 : A new World Tree - 3 pages
  7. Chapter 7 : Color Warz History - From ISART Digital studies to FLUO Craft - 20 pages
  8. Book Updates (additionnal chapters to come in stretch goals)

Please, note that the informations below are not binding and could vary with production and shipping contraints or campaign success (number of pages).

Book and Miniatures informations

Discover the Color Warz miniatures range

Note : We are French, translations in the book will be made by professionals. Please, keep this information in mind.

Origins of this project

Color Warz universe was created by Fabien Friess and Nicolas Tézé during their studies at a French game design school : ISART Digital Paris. With this prototype, we won a gameplay price at the 3D3 contest. This price is the reason why we decided to continue to work on this game.

After graduation, we made a huge recast of the universe to make something deeper and better.

We already done a lot of work on Color Warz as two boargames, one published (Paint Brawl),

One prototype (Dark Threat) and over 25 high detailed resin miniatures.

It is now time to make a great book with all our work ever made and much more. In this Artbook you will discover unpublished sketches and designs as well as exclusive stories.

Color Warz - Board Games

Color Warz - Paint Brawl, a tactical boad game for 2 to 4 players (FLUO Games 2012).

Color Warz - Dark Threat, a strategical board game prototype for two players (FLUO Games 2013).

Characters preview

Sketches preview



If you want to add items (miniatures, postal-cards, Artbooks) to your pledge, simply add the corresponding ammount to it. You can add as many items as you want. We will contact you by email after the campaign ends (early July) to check with you what you have chosen.

What are the funds for?


How your money will be used ?

Why joining this project?

Participating to this campaign is of course giving life to a fabulous artbook, with beautiful illustrations from an original universe, but that's not all.

Color Warz Khroma is the first artbook of FLUO Craft, while some other projects are already signed or under negotiations. The evolution of the company will depend on the success of this campaign . As a former board games and miniatures publisher (FLUO Games) we acquired a knowledge that guarantees the sustainability of our projects, and our seriousness.

We will therefore focus our editorial line on two axes: Artbooks of board games licenses and Artbooks highlighting illustrators (a book by illustrator).

We will launch a crowdfunding campaign for each artbook.
In this way, the choice of platform is essential to find us from a project to another.

Finally, part of this campaign is to revive the Color Warz universe and upgrade the license. We will have more opportunities to deal with a new edition of Color Warz Paint Brawl, from an edition of Color Warz Dark Threat or a resumption of miniatures range with a successful campaign.

As you can see, joining us this is not just buying a great book or beautiful miniatures but also to participate in the creation of a larger project that is sustainable.

About the project owner


Fabien Friess (on the left)

That's me ! the guy behind FLUO Craft :) Well, the picture dates from 2010, I have more beard and white hair now ^^ I am a French Game Designer and graduated from ISART Digital Paris (one of the best video game schools in France). With the students team I managed, we won a gameplay price for our prototype "Color Warz" in 2006. I taught board game design at ISART Digital during 2 years, and then created and managed FLUO Games for the next 3 years to publish my first game : Color Warz Paint Brawl with Nicolas Tézé with 25 high detailed resin miniatures. Our second game, Color Warz : Dark Threat, was not published yet. Last January I was part of a great Kickstarter campaign for my third game: Gob’z'Heroes - The Game that I created with Antoine Roffé (Skulls Mini / Lumberjacks 274% funded). I recently founded FLUO Craft to bring Color Warz back and make new wonderful projects with your help !

Nicolas Tézé (on the right)

Nicolas is a French Game Designer and Level Designer who graduated from ISART Digital Paris too, starting the Color Warz adventure with Fabien from the first prototypes to the commercial release of Color Warz Paint Brawl with FLUO Games during the past few years. In parallel with creative occupations, he teaches at ISART Digital Paris since 2007, mainly teaching level design, lore design and monitoring the video games developed by final-year students. He also likes writing stories and he's working on a new project for those who like to read interesting and intriguing stories, especially those who likes interacting and writing their own. ;)


Giuseppe Severino (Gius)

Giuseppe (1979-2012) was a talented illustrator and a friend that worked on Color Warz since April 2008. Since his childwood he liked illustrations, comics, role playing games and video games like La Quête du Graal, Tolkien, Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Warcraft 3 or Neverwinter Nights. He liked to dance Salsa and to draw Spaceships and Childhood atmospheres. He worked on some board games like: Capharnaüm, Ultrium and also Color Warz - Paint Brawl. He has a great understanding of colours and lights. His illustrations emit a lot of poetry. Sadly, he passed away in 2012 in Grimbergen (Belgium). This Artbook will be dedicated to his memory.

Kevin De Castro (Kev DC)

Kevin is a French artist who liked to draw since his childhood and naturally oriented his studies and his life in this direction. After a graphic arts school, many moons ago, he decided to learn 3D animation at ISART Digital in Paris. As he also likes video games, he chose to combine both and worked in the video game industrie as a game artist for a few years and started by studying 3D Game Art for one year at ISART Digital again where he met Fabien and Nicolas and worked with them on the Color Warz games. After having worked for few years as 3D artist, he decided to let 3D aside for a moment for good old 2D which brought him to work on Gob'z'Heroes and has a lot of fun to imagine and draw all these characters.

Maxime Berthelot (Makushiro)

Max Berthelot is a self-taught 2D and 3D French artist. At 6 years old, after his first doodle, he decided to put aside his dream of becoming an astronaut space pirate and chose to become an artist instead. Years later, he worked for a small video game company in the south of France. Then he bid the sun farewell to go working for Pretty Simple games in Paris, a well known successful company in the local video game industry. During this period he made beautiful background from scratch, realistic looking game assets and characters without any complaint of his boss in 3 years, or just once or maybe two but that's it. Recently he decided to work as a freelance artist with worldwide clients and bring the opportunity to work on exciting projects such as FLUO Craft's Artbooks.



  • Movies / Pictures : Florian Belmonte (thank you so much!)
  • Musique "Élégance" by Redan
  • Engraver (numbered etching) : Maxime Garcia
  • Translation : Antoine Clerc-Renaud and Jim Gaudin
  • Consulting : Hyperstarter

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