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Viajeros Callejeros:

a documentary on street artists in south america

About the project

This research deals with the realization of a video documentary, which will be filmed in South America from February to June 2018. The subject of the study concerns young South American street artists.  The drop point of the project is “la casa amarilla”, a hostel that is the meeting point of all proper “viajeros callejeros”. Then, the main idea is to follow them during their road-trip.

This research is part of my Master’s Degree specialized in geography. Aware of the fact that social science studies are not really renowned and having the strong will to share my discoveries and research to the public, I decided to create a video documentary based on this community as the final project of my Master. 

The subject

During a 6-month trip in South America, I met a population of travelers that I have never seen outside of this continent. This community is composed of young South-American aiming to travel through their daily art that they use every day in the streets of large cities and touristic areas. In castellan, they are called “viajeros callejeros”, which could be translated by “itinerant artist/street traveler”. In the pedestrian and commercial streets, jewelry artists show their masterpieces made of stones and macramé. At the traffic lights and the major crosses/intersections, jugglers shuffle between the cars. In front of the restaurants and the bars, musicians entertain clients. They are present all around the South-American continent and know each other, or at least know someone who knows someone else. I met them in hostels (“hostales”) and I managed to enter within their community playing myself music. From Patagonia to Mexico, they exchange information about areas where to practice their art, places to sleep, transportation companies to use and most importantly about artistic methods and technics.

From this meeting, I have been interested by these travelers. How can we characterize their itinerant practices? Can we consider them as tourists even if they work every day in the streets in order to live? What are their functioning rules, their itineraries and their way of building them, their motivations, their relationships with space and people, their way of living and working… In brief, who are they?

What are the funds for?

Not able to obtain grants or scholarships from my university – not being part of any foreign organization and following a research and pedagogic Master program –, the crowndfunding was my last solution!

How the raised money will be used?

-Transportation: flight tickets, movements in the field

-Equipment: a camera monitor/stand, lapel microphone, hard drive and memory cards for travelling, rent equipment on the field, insurances

-Safe accommodation because this year, I leave with a lot of equipment. I need to find a place in the country safer than the places where I was used to stay before.

-Post production: editing software, participation to festivals and documentaries’ competitions

-A small amount of money for the artists themselves, the ones that I will follow and who will help me in my research project. I really want to support them in their art productions! 

About the project owner

My name is Suzanne, I am 24 and I am a student at the University of Bordeaux Montaigne, following my Master’s Degree of Geography. I lead this research on the Vaijeros Callejeros as part of my Master program.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree specialized in Geography at the University of Bordeaux in 2014. However, I am originally from Rennes, in Brittany. After my Bachelor, I traveled during one year in South-East Asia and then 6 months in South America. At this occasion, I created an audio blog as part of a project funding by the region of Brittany and my home-town city.

If you want to know more about it, you can check my travel blogs where I believe everything is said.