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arscape_paesaggio toscana

AR Scape is a laboratory dedicated to design and research in landscape, the latter to be understood not as a final product, but rather as a dynamic environmental, spatial, social and cultural process which can be gradually and flexibly directed against the backdrop of contextual transformations. 

Originated from the collaboration between two different personalities, started in the context of U.P.C. (Polytechnic University of Catalunya), on the basis of a common interest in contemporary landscape as well as in the experimentation of new social equilibria and new forms of production, culture and identity. 

After ten years of both free-lance experiences in architectural, landscape and editorial design and research in social housing and participatory design, thanks to open exchanges of ideas with international experts and colleagues met during their postgraduate studies, the architects have developed a new empirical and multidisciplinary working method which has proved its effectiveness in the context of fruitful international collaborations with both private and public institutions.

ARscape is:

Annunziata De Comite I Rachele Bonadio