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Four classical bows for Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra!

About the project

The Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra is composed of musicians under 30 years of age coming from the major European schools of early music. Since its founding in 2012, the Orchestra performs music from the classical repertoire with historical instruments. In addition to the classical violin, the classical bow is an indispensable tool for the study of this repertoire. Classical bows - lighter and easier to handle than modern ones, longer and tooled than baroque ones - are however less used in teaching in Universities and music schools. In general, young musicians do not own one, preferring to use the baroque bow, perfect for the XXVII Century repertoire but less suited - both technically and artistically - to the music of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.

The goal of the #ARCHETYBO crowdfunding campaign is to buy classical bows for the musicians of the orchestra. Find out more about our project...!

A single bow costs around 2.000 euro. Our final goal would be, over time, to provide each member of the orchestra with a classical bow. If this campaign succeeds, by the end of the year 2016 we will be able to buy 4 bows (2 for violin, 1 for viola, 1 for cello). These bows will be made available to our young musicians during training stages, artistic residences, tours and concerts.

Why is the classic bow so important for the activities of our Orchestra? Watch the video and listen to what a bow maker has to tell us about the classical bow and the craftsmanship of the manufacturing of a bow.

What are the funds for?

Our fundraising goal is 10.000 Euros: each euro received is important for achieving this goal. If you wish to support #ARCHETYBO project, you can make a donation of any amount: what matters to us is your gesture, your participation and your involvement!

Why your participation is so important to us? Find out ahead by reading about the Theresia Project.

Your donations will allow us to:

1. To commission the manufacturing of 4 classical bows and purchase them by the end of 2016 (EUR 8.000).

2. To support the establishment and administration costs of the Crowdfunding campaign:

a. Ulule-fee (EUR 800)

b. to produce and deliver your rewards (about EUR 1.200)

What if we exceed the amount set by our goal? Simple: we will buy other classical bows, according to what we will have collected. If the amount is not enough to purchase one or more additional bows, we will provide this amount as a deposit to the bow maker, and commit us to activate as soon as possible another fundraising campaigns to finalize the purchase.

About the project owner

Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra (TYBO) is a international orchestra composed of musicians under 30 years of age coming from the major European schools of early music.  The orchestra was founded in 2012 by the publisher Mario Martinoli as part of the high musical specialization initiatives promoted by the iCons Foundation Theresia Project.

The orchestra offers its young musicians the opportunity to regularly participate in orchestral training internships and master classes under the guidance of internationally renowned artists.

The orchestra’s activity focuses mainly on study, in-depth analysis and performance of music written by composers of the classic period (1750-1800), Mozart, Haydn and Kraus in particular.

In recent years the orchestra has performed in several Italian cities – Rome, Milan, Bolzano, L’Aquila, Lodi, Padua, Rimini, Rovereto, Dobbiaco – and at important musical Festivals and institutions including the Quirinale Concerts in Rome, the Sagra Malatestiana in Rimini, the Musiké exhibition in Padua.  Since 2013 the orchestra has been a permanent guest of the Bolzano Festival Bozen.

THERESIA Project. The Art of Patronage

The training activities and artistic residencies of the Orchestra are financed by the Theresia Project, an international private cultural patronage platform created to support high level youth artistic training.

Why your participation and your support are so important for the project and Theresia?

The Theresia Project is a meeting place open to all those who wish to commit themselves to creating a new and sustainable cultural model, authentically based on innovation and investment in young people.

It was created by some private citizens, eager to invest their time and resources for the promotion of culture and the protection of young artists. With your donation for #ARCHETYBO you will join the Theresia communitiy and will contribute to the growth of our projects, that’s why your gesture is so important for us. Thanks for your participation!

The universe of TYBO is made of beautiful people, sensational musicians, important experiences and so many projects!!

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#ARCHETYBO is the official hashtag of this crowdfunding campaign. Use it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Thanks for your support!

Theresia Youth Baroque Orchestra