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Arcane Alchemists

New album - "From Tales to Spells"

About the project

We are a French band from Toulouse, formerly known as Arcane and we play an instrumental fusion, inspired by dub, electro or metal music, with solid groovy bas(s)es. We have the particularity to use an electric Hurdy-Gurdy, which is the modern version of a Middle-Age instrument.

3 years have already passed since the release of our first album, 3 years of changes, with the arrival of a fourth member, the production of a music video, and the development of our so quirky style.

This new album is the sum of these 3 years, the continuity of a musical journey in perpetual motion. 8 tracks to discover intemporal and universal ambiances. 8 tracks to explore a world rythmed by precise percussion and bewitched by the hurdy-gurdy, a world whose foundations are based on deep basses and where the madness stands when the trombone or the machines wake up.

We were 4 to began this journey, but we intend to continue it with you. With your support, on one hand, but mostly with your dreams, your hears, the images that stand before you when the music starts. Feel free to share your feelings about our music, to spread it around you, and to come seeing us playing live ! A release tour is planned for Fall 2015, and we will inform you as soon as we know the precise dates.

For those who don't know us yet, here is our latest music video, Labyrinth, directed by our friend Félix David :

And our first album,  Alchemy :

What are the funds for?

Our funding involves 2 crucial steps.

-  2000€ : The principal goal that will allow us to do the mastering and the manufacturing of our album.

-  3000€ : The second goal that will allow us to use 1000€ for a new music video for the Transmutation song.

-  Each cent after the second step will be used to fund a second music video, a more amibtious one, in 2016 for the CrossRoads song.

The recording and the mixing of the album were performed at home, at the Gurdy Groove Studio, by Guilhem Desq, our hurdy-gurdy player. For that, 1400€ were spent on sound recording material.

- Recording/Mixing: 1400€  -  Personal contribution of the band
- Mastering: 500€  -  Step 1
- Manufacturing + Reproduction Rights: 1500€  -  Step 1
- First music video of the album: 1000€  -  Step 2
- Second music video of the album: Every cent after the second step  +  Personal contribution of the band

About the project owner

Like an alchimist concocting his potion, these four sound makers prepare an elixir to listen to without moderation. At the crossroad of genres, a music without comparison, that could be called « wheel fusion » or « slide electro-gurdy ».

Yet more much than a musical brew, it’s a journey between places, times, reality and fantasy that cannot leave you unscathed.

Arcane Alchemists, formerly known as Arcane, came to life in July 2010, inspired by the compositions of Guilhem on hurdy-gurdy, with Thomas on the bass and Pierre on the drums. The band operates on South-West of France, records an eponym EP in 2010 and a album called « Alchemy » in 2012, it wins several musical springboards, as the Rock in Tarn in 2012. After 2 years, they welcome a fourth member, Renaud, on the trombone, the keyboard and the machines. Follows the production of a video clip called « Labyrinth » and a tour.

Arcane Alchemistsplayed on more than fifty gigs, and the band forged its sound on various scenes, as le Bikini, la Dynamo or le Metronum in Toulouse – France, or Rabastock festival, le Printemps de Bourges, Grenad’in festival, and so on…

Electric Hurdy-Gurdy

Guilhem Desq


Thomas Kleiber


Pierre Toyes

Trombone, Keyboard, Machines

Renaud Perrot