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Aquapioneers: print your aquaponics ecosystem

Start growing your own food with the first open source aquaponics kit designed for urban farming 🐠 💩 🌿

D-7 : The campaign takes off ! Heading for 30K to open source a 25m2 solar powered aquaponics greenhouse

Good morning everyone,

That’s amazing ! We are so happy to announce you, that we have reached our minimum objective of 15k€. This gives us the means to contribute to the #OpenSource #Aquaponics revolution :)

We still have 7 days to go and the campaign is entering in a new dynamic. The project is now shared beyond our network. Last week we get an article in Fast Company, TreeHugguer and a video on PlayGround (that get 100K view in 24 hours).

We are more than ever mobilized to make the buzz around Aquapioneers. So please, continue to talk about it, during your coffee break, at home or with your neighbours. This project is all about dreams, passion and positive energy to make things differently and is only possible thanks to YOU, your determination, your time and your willingness to make it happen !

The Kit was our first open source milestone, but since the last 8 months we have been working on another secret aquaponics project that:

  • Could feed 2 persons all year round (fish and plants)
  • Could be totally energy self-sufficient with solar PV 
  • Could be monitored and controled remotely to facilitate the maintenance work. 

Tomorrow we will come back to empower you to help us reach this second milestone, so stay tuned :) 

The Aquapioneers team