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Aquapioneers: print your aquaponics ecosystem

Start growing your own food with the first open source aquaponics kit designed for urban farming 🐠 💩 🌿

  • Guillaume & LoicCreator

    Hola @snairda ,

    Did you receive this email with delivery details on this perk ? from 30/12/2017 ?

    I copy it below.

    All the best

    Crowdfunding backers,

    Hope this email finds you well. This is Guillaume from Aquapioneers' team. I'm reaching you out to give some news about the "Kit design + starter kit manual" perk that you have backed on Ulule this summer.

    The open source documentation took us more time that we have planned initially and we are very grateful for your understanding :) With our limited resources, it has been more difficult than expected to please all our backers at once and we did our best with some delay :) (i.e. deliver the kits in person in BCN, start the BCN based school project on time, prepare the open source documentation, etc ... and of course continue to work out a sustainable economic model to live from our passion in Barcelona).

    Regarding the "Kit design + starter kit manual" perk, you have been 47 people to back it with the idea to get you an early download access. To make the best of it (and because we know that our documentation could be improved in terms of user experience), we have created a forum to capture your feedbacks. With this system in place (You/Your feedbacks + Documentation + Forum), we hope to improve this documentation, and ensure it can be understood by anyone. Imagine yourself as our "beta testers".
    > Even if the "design package files" will be public on Github. We won't shout it loud and ask you to do the same, until we receive a good amount of feedbacks from your sides and consider the instructions are bullet proof :) Here is a proposed calendar

    2017 week 52 - #Register on Community forum
    Imágenes integradas 1

    We would like to invite you all to register on our forum ( and:
    Present yourself / where you are from / why are you interested to build up the DIY aquapioneers kit instead of buying one from the shelve ?
    Tell us what would you expect from this forum. We want to design its main features from your feedbacks and not from what we think is the best for you #LeanStartupApproach :). So please use this space to share how you envision this forum, what categories (i.e. design / hardware / plumbing / nutrients / plants / etc) will be of your interest.

    2018 week 2 - # Design files + pdf User manual part I

    We will release the Aquapioneers kit " Design files + Part I of the DIY instructions" on our Github repository ( Part I of the DIY instructions is focused on the construction phase related to the wooden structure.

  • Sergio Gutierrez

    Que tal,

    alguna noticia sobre el DISEÑO + MANUAL DEL KIT. ya estamos en el 2018 y la última actualización decía que estaría listo la última semana de noviembre.

  • ginnygin

    Hi there! I just saw your response now. Could you verify that the "39€" is the same as the "Por 57 $ o más"?

    I have been excitedly awaiting the blueprints since July!!! I can't wait to start eating home grown food courtesy of pet fish :)

  • Guillaume & LoicCreator

    Good morning Ginnygin,

    Hope this find you well. What was the perk that you wanted to back up ? Looking at the list of contributors I've seen you under " Virginia Ford-Roy" for a 39€ contribution. Is that correct ? In that case the process worked correctly :) Thanks a million for believing in our project.

    $Have a good day. Guillaume from Aquapioneers team

  • ginnygin

    The contributing process on Ulule was in Spanish and I used Google Translate. It was only after I (believe I) made the payment that I saw I could switch languages on that page. Let's hope I didn't make a mistake! If it didn't work out, would you be able to still take my payment after it closes?

  • Hugo Cabos

    Guillaume & Loic,

    Enhorabuena por la iniciativa y muchas suerte con el proyecto!

    Un abrazo!

    Ariadna y Hugo

  • jorge_enrique

    Hola buen día:

    Muchas felicidades por su proyecto...

    Me parece muy importante que este tipo de muebles sea una fuente autosustentable y de desarrollo de convivencia con la naturaleza

    Les deseo lo mejor..

    Saludos desde San Luis Potosí, México

  • Guillaume & LoicCreator

    Hi Aleravanetti,

    Thanks a million for your feedback ! Based on Barcelona data, the cost of 1 piece of Pine of 2,5 x 1,25 m x 18mm + Machine time + Human time to Waterproof the wooden pieces + Sanding the pieces is around 170€.

    On top of that, you will need to add :
    - 25€ for plumbing part (PVC pipes, elbows, EPDM, etc)
    - 160€ for Elec part (70W LED light, water proof electric box, timer, others cables)
    - 80 € for Aquarium part ( 50L aquarium + water pump + air pum)
    - 70€ for accessories (i.e. 40L of cay pebbles for the substrate in the media bed + 10 golden fish + fish food + Ammoniac / Nitrite / Nitrate / pH test)

    > More or less count around a total of 500€. Depending where you are living, I'm sure you can drop down the cost to 400€ working on the LED / Wood / aquarium / machine € to cut the wood .

    Hope this can help you :)

  • aleravanetti

    Hi guys,

    Congrats about this, amazing stuff, really :)

    Practically speaking how much it would roughly cost to print it in a Fab Lab?


  • Guillaume & LoicCreator

    Hi Genevieve. Thanks a million for these feedbacks ! We love it !

    Transparency is a world we want to explore since a long time, and we have found a digital carpentry in BCN that is willing to make it :)

    So imagine a transparent aquaponic kit with transparent fishes like Kryptopterus bicirrhis (

    So stay tuned :)

  • Tristan Copley Smith

    Keep up the great work guys! Excited to get my files and the manual! Maybe we build one in Denver?? ;-)

  • Genevieve Dulac

    Bonjour Guillaume et Loic ,

    Votre projet est enthousiaste et merveilleux.Des suggestions,Comme nous sommes en mode transparence....Ma suggestion serait de le faire en plexiglas,plus leger et permet de connaitre les dessous de l' affaire !!!! des pointes de couleurs en plexiglass pour les attaches...Differentes tailles ,pour ecoles ou restaurants....
    It i a wunderfull project.I will suggest as the world want Transparence,translucide in politiques and work.I suggest to do them in plexiglass ,not to heavy ,some clolorplexi for the nobs,0,02 mm color and translucide so when you move you create dimensions.and with your colors lamps let people dreams..differents size for schools or restaurants....