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Let's defend the culture: let's save our Theater with the play “Ariadna’s Thread”

About the project

"I want to be one but I am just half. My missing part, makes me walk." 

(Enrique Vargas)

Hello everyone!

Greetings to our collaborators, friends, travelers, and those we haven’t met yet.

We are Teatro de los Sentidos, a collective of artist-researchers from around the world working in diverse fields of knowledge. For more than 25 years, we have been dedicated to exploring the senses through the poetics of play, silence, and imagination.

How are experiences created that will never be forgotten? Anyone who has encountered a production of Teatro de los Sentidos knows that it is unforgettable.

Right now, our theater is facing a difficult economic situation and we want you to know that we are in danger of closing permanently. We want to meet the challenge of this moment by offering the best of what we are:the revival of productions like Ariadna’s Thread (*), Oracles, and The Memory of Wine, among others; and the optimization of our performance space at the Polvorí of Montjuïc in Barcelona in order to present our work to the world in the most professional and meaningful manner. That’s why we will present “Ariadna’s Thread” in Barcelona from April 8 to April 29, 2018. It was with this production that we first realized our conceptualization of sensory language which created a great impact all around the world.

This project is a seed that we must plant for the future: that this Thread be the beginning of a regular program of productions by Teatro de los Sentidos, and at the same time support our continued work in education and community outreach.

We have recently presented our productions all across Europe, where we’ve received a warm welcome from audiences and the press. Now we invite you to contribute to the revival of Ariadna’s Thread in Barcelona, the city that has become our home.


Since originating in the basement of the National University of Colombia twenty-five years ago, Ariadna’s Thread has traveled to the most prestigious theater festivals in the world (Festival Iberoamericano of Colombia, FIT in Cádiz, Grand Halle de la Villette in Paris, among many others…), achieving mythic status as a singular experience for many of those who have stepped into its labyrinth.

Darkness reveals the body: the hands see, the nose remembers, the ears feel the silence. The traveler returns to her roots and smells, touches, perceives as if for the first time. The search for a sensory language is a response to the need to rediscover the body as a source of knowledge.


This crowdfunding campaign will provide the funds necessary to sustain Teatro de los Sentidos. Every contribution will have a great impact and supporters will receive a  reward. Rewards include:

All contributors will be thanked on the “Mural of the Senses” (located at our headquarters in the Polvorí in Barcelona) and on social media. Other rewards include tickets to the production of “Ariadna’s Thread.”

We’re also offering some special gifts for this campaign, like historic posters from past Teatro de los Sentidos productions and copies of Enrique Vargas’s book “Todo está aquí aunque no se vea” with a dedication just for you!

You can also enjoy unique experiences like attending a rehearsal of “Ariadna’s Thread” or becoming a member of Teatro de los Sentidos. If you’d like to live an experience alongside our team, how about a sensory dinner or even a customized surprise? Businesses and organizations should check out the final rewards, because we also have you in mind!

Tell all your friends, share this on social media, invite others to support Teatro de los Sentidos!

What are the funds for?


Thanks to your support we’ll raise the funds necessary to maintain the logistics and management structure of Teatro de los Sentidos (*) for at least the next 6 months (from January to June 2018) while presenting “Ariadna’s Thread” in Barcelona.

This budget represents the minimum necessary to reach these two objectives. If we surpass our funding goal, it would allow us to accomplish even more. For example, with a more stable management team, we will be able to optimize our space, “El Polvorí” (more workshops, activities, and events). We’ll also be able to revive other productions of Teatro de los Sentidos.

What will funds be used for?

1) Sustaining Teatro de los Sentidos  (23,800€)

Fixed costs of "El Polvorí"........................…..5,100€
Leadership + management team.................15,600€
Consumables and miscellaneous.....................300€

2) Production of “Ariadna’s Thread” in Barcelona  (14,883€)

Actors’ wages..............................…...............9,283€
Additional utilities + maintenance .................1,050€
Direction + assistant direction…….…............3,000€

From this total (38,683€), we can subtract the estimated income we expect from various workshops and other activities held between January and June 2018 (13,683€), leaving us with a fundraising goal of 25,000€ for this campaign.

(*): Our goal is that these funds provide the momentum to reach structural and financial stability and autonomy in 2018. This would create the possibility of reviving further projects of Teatro de los Senidos and optimizing the Polvorí. The current budget is the minimum necessary to meet our objectives.

About the project owner

Teatro de los Sentidos

We are artist-researchers working in multiple disciplines from around the world. Together we’ve developed a practice exploring sensory language, the poetics of play, and creativity.

We create experiences that blur the space that traditionally separates actor from audience to encourage creative participation and the playful exploration of our inner labyrinths.

Enrique Vargas

Colombian playwright and anthropologist Enrique Vargas has developed a poetic language that has been enormously influential in contemporary theater.

He took his first steps into the world of theater at age six while inventing games in the intricate mazes of coffee plantations in the Andean countryside where he grew up. Since then, his work has been dedicated to recovering the spirit of those “forbidden” games and developing a poetic language of the senses to endow them with meaning.

He trained at the Escuela Nacional de Arte Dramático in Bogotá and later studied Theatral Anthropology in Michigan (United States). He then spent 15 years researching games, rituals, and myths in the Colombian Amazon. In 1993 he left his teaching position at the National University of Bogotá to create theater productions with his company, Teatro de los Sentidos. Their work achieved great international impact with productions such as Ariadna´s Thread, Oracles, The Memory of Wine, The Echo of Shadow, Inhabitants, Short Exercises in Dying Well, Fermentation and Heart of Darkness, among others.

You can learn more about Teatro de los Sentidos on our website and follow us on social media: