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Anticafé LocaL

For locals, by locals

About the project

Anticafé LocaL is a mix between a café, a coworking space, and a cultural centre, built by a family passionate about Montreal and its locals. It will be located in downtown and, with the opening coming this January 10th, you can enjoy our rewards by supporting the campaign!

We're Mario and Boris, and the small one is Sasha! Mario has been self-employed for 14 years and a family father, Boris is a student at McGill in political sciences and a family big brother. Together, we are passionate about our city, Montreal! All its aspects: food, music, paintings, theatre, cinema, art, cafés, great amount of cultures here-present! We respect the following values: local, sustainability (zero waste), and healthy food (vegetarianism, veganism)!


Our project

To promote our family values, the objective is to create a place where the culturalradiance of our city can truly prosper, all the while privileging students and self-employed people by offering them an affordable experience in a most pleasant and domesticatmosphere! A space for locals, of course, but also somewhere visitors and tourists to our city can come discover its beauty and diversity.

What do we propose to you?

  • Anticafé: a concept originally from Russia, it implies that a client profits from the entirety of the space, beverages, snacks, fast wifi, from everything, only paying a fixed hourly rate!

  • LocaL: the idea is to work with locals, as much as possible, be they producers, farmers, artists, musicians… With a city as diversified as ours, there are infinite possibilities that are offered to us!

  • Environmentally friendly: the environment is important to us, just as it is to you, and that’s why we compost 100% of our organic matter, diminish our use of plastic, and recycle other matter

  • Space: a space where every individual can find their place: studying, chilling, working, or even giving a conference, all while savoring local products. With a space like ours, you are free to make it yours!

  • Events: to stimulate individual and local culture, we propose to you a multitude of events on all themes imaginable: artistic, musical, cultural, ecological, technological, linguistic, philosophical, scientific, healthy… A space where a real exchange of interests will occur, a space where everyone can blossom.

We understand students' budgetary constraints, and that is why we offer them an unconditional discount! But know that whether a student or not, everyone can become a member for free to likewise get access to other discounts!

Our menu will include snacks from local producers. It will be entirely vegetarian, healthy, sweet or salty, with vegan and gluten-free choices, so everyone will find something to snack on!

What are the funds for?

Considering our project was founded by a student and his stepdad, we need your help to open this wonderful space. Your contribution will be used for:

  • Equipment: conference room necessities (screen, projector, printer, TV), as well as a piano!
  • Space furnishing: nice chairs, comfortable sofas, big tables, you get the idea…
  • Renovations: sadly there is no such thing as an ideal space, we're going to have to break a couple walls...
  • First order: biscuits, snacks, coffee, beverages, fruits&veggies, etc... All necessary to start a diversified menu!

About the project owner

We thank our local collaborators, without which we could not have presented to you our great rewards and such a diversified Anticafé LocaL!

La Lichée, Québec-based producers making mouthwatering caramel

B.cuit, a Montreal-based artisan making delicious and beautiful biscuits

Lenoir & Lacroix, Québec-based fair-trade and organic coffee roasters (and of course exquisite)

Evguenia Ossetrova, a local artist that will exhibit her beautiful paintings