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A new generation of portable amps

About the project

As a musician, and with a degree in acoustics, I came up with my own portable amp: the ones on the market didn't quite satisfy my instrument.

But this is not yet-another battery amp. The Amp el'Fire amps are designed to bring you the best sound quality and power in a compact lightweight format. they were developped closely listenning to the artists needs and are suitable ofr marching bands, jam sessions, they can be you own convenient monitor when there usually isn't one, or serve in any imaginable situation, that last one is up to you.

ENKORE has set up it's workshop in the south of France, the amps are hand made and we have selected our partners and suppliers mostly locallywithin a 2 hour drive range :)

This Ulule campaign will allow the new generation of Amp el'Fire to be brought to you: our first goal reached we will be able to produce the (new and enhanced) electronic circuits. We are offering rare special offers, don't miss!

When your amp is plugged into the outlet, the power depends on the model you bought, but doesn't depend on the energy: it's always available from the plug in the wall. Once you want to break free and run on batteries then you've got to compromise among weight/power and autonomy.

Most of the battery powered amps will usually sound good or bad relative to price, and deliver more or less power and autonomy, relative to their weight also, and progressively loose power and sound quality until they switch off.

AMP EL'FIRE models already deliver Hi-Fi quality sound at a pretty decent level including in the bass range. The new generation goes further with it's audioSTEADY capability:

  • higher dynamics = clearer sound even at high volumes
  • constant perfomance = 100% power available regardless of battery state
  • Battery life increased instead of decreased!

All amps from Enkore share the same internal components and speakers with a few differences. Choice depends on the type of use you are expecting. However this is not all, the new generation deserves other improvements:

  • High capacity Li-ion battery, optimized and protected for maximum life cycle
  • integrated super fast charger (2h), + outlet power supply
  • led energy indicator
  • stereo line input and output
  • beta: 9V output power supply for effect pedal

There are no effects built-in with Amp el'Fire: the whole system works towards sound quality. To each his/her own preference concerning effects. Rather use your favorite effets, or none, than add cost for some option you won't use. That's why the 9V output has been added.

Oh and there's no planned obsolescence inside either, did I mention it? Here you go.

You're not a musician? Congratulations for being in the public, that's their reason to live. If you would like to contribute though, the rewards starts with an all-in-one earbud-holder smartphone-stand keychain lucky-charm :) But if you want to treat yourself, here comes MOZIK:

Benefit from Amp el'Fire know how, without the preamps for instruments, but with bluetooth capability. I've also added speaker outputs: hook them up to your favorite speakers and let the sound flow ;-)

Plus they can match your couch, or your car, since you choose the color.

What are the funds for?

"I often reminisce of the brief moment i plugged into your amp... and it was like a dream"

(Kenji K. - whom I met in Paris, with my very first prototype a while back, thanks for this very first encouragement)

I started this project with a blade knife, a soldering iron and probably a screwdriver and a pair of pliers. Now, today, there's a 120W laser cutting and engraving machine next to me in my own workshop. I've built several dozens of amps for various kinds of artists, all satisfied. Since I didn't have a real workshop, or much money invest, I remained rather low key. But from what my customers say, my products are better than the ones manufactured by the big companies.

I guess that's what I worked for! But desinging a product is one thing, and putting it out there on the market with stable production conditions and at a reasonable price is another. My aim is to keep the right balance between handmade quality and more industrial processes.

Now I've officially started my company, and my work and innovations were recognized in France where I live. I've set up the working conditions to make Amp el'Fire available to you.

Now there's one last thing, that's where you come in :-)

As of today, I can afford a pre-production of 20 amps available soon. That's the Early-Bird Express (499€ instead of 666.99€)

To make Amp el'Fire affordable, I need to order about 500 electronic circuits a year, but to trigger the manufacture of the circuits, I need to order a hundred. That's the main goal, from there it will take about 5 weeks before you can see new amps coming out of Enkore Workshop. Did I tell you I used to solder every single component by hand? Well that's over :D as long as musicians need worthy portable amps.

  •  First goal 7500€ ==>> Go 100 new audio circuits will be assembled and you can expect your amp. The goal can be streched to 30000€, that's long time support for ENKORE!!!
  • 2000€ more are needed to provide the first amps with High capacity optimized Li-ion battery and built-in chargerbringing the possibilities to another level. Stretching up to 6500€ really secures the supply.
  • The CLASSIC amp has it's unique mutli-purpose carry-on bag, there are just a few left for the EarlyBird Express CLASSIC! 2900€ are needed to rebuid the stock.

The main rewards are the amps of course, supplied with all accessories, ready to roll --- and at a special price. Check it out:

To complete the offer, one needs a good pickup or microphone to better serve the musician and his instrument. Enkore can provide with pro-quality pick-ups and mics for any instrument. Check the starter kits, and let me know which instrument you wish to amplify.

About the project owner

There's a whole chapter that involves west african kora in my life, but then since I made her and amp, things took another direction. Pardon my french, this video below explains how I wandered from Africa to America and back to France, from underground and into the light, perhaps!

(links to: http://www.pechakucha.org/cities/lyon/presentations/wandering-acoustician)

Deep thanks for reading, and for your interest, want to know more?

Remember: Amp el'Fire are made in France but they can travel, (thanks to Radio Kaizman, quelle histoire!)

Remerciements, crédits:

Charlie V., Bokale Brass Band et Paul Vernheres, Bernard Montrichard, Solveig Gernert, Karto Di Cromo, Laurent Flechier, Stéphane Presle.

A bientôt.