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FANEKA's first album !

emerging from the watery depths of folk music...

About the project

Cello, violin, guitar, vocals... Our sound is defined by our stringed instruments' strength and the fusion of our differently textured voices. Sometimes we include other instruments too (percussion, charango, ukelele). We're into folk, swing, rock... Our sound is raw and simple, but somewhat misterious and magical... Listen to it yourself :) 

Not bad isn't it? It's hard to define ourselves... but who needs labels when you have inspiration and love for music? :) 

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What are the funds for?

After months searching for our sound, FANEKA is now recording our first album: ten eclectic tracks... all composed with love. All funds raised will be destined for the production of the album as well as the gifts for the patrons. 

Our minimum economic goal is humble because we believe in DIY and have tried to minimize our costs... BUT if together we do reach it or even beat it... we'll spend it on creating a website, crafting more merchandising...and sharing it with the patrons! 

About the project owner

Once upon a time FANEKA existed in isolation, years ago when Inés started writing songs alone. In 2016 she met Bruna (cello) and slowly a new magical sound came around. Just a few months ago they recruited Anika (violin). FANEKA is still a space for exploration and play. The string instruments strength and the fusion of our voices are our base, but FANEKA has room to grow in enchanting new directions. . 


Bruna made her first appearence in 1997. According to the legend, in the lush Catalunyan woods there was a tree shaped as a cello, and one warm evening it shook and it shook and it shook until from its roots was born the magical being that we now know as Bruna González Subirà. Troubadours sing that to this particular faerie no culture nor tongue is better known than music itself. According to an early Nineteenth Century esoteric treatise the only two ways of captivating this creature's heart are Schubert and leche merengada ice cream.  


Much has been speculated about the origins of Anika. Different authors discuss wether it even makes sense to define a specific time and space for this atmospheric phenomenon or if it's rather a cosmic froce that has always been. They have agreed though that around 1995 there was a certain cataclysm which had its epicenter in Aravaca, Madrid. Little more is known of this mystery, we can only be certain of this: wherever wild rythms are played and wherever groovy shirts are found we can trace the merciless trail left by hurricane "Anika". 

Inés -from greek  αγνη (chaste, sacred), or latin agnus (lamb)- made her first appearence on Earth around 1991 when, against all odds, she beat up the competition in a cawing contest, leaving the whole of the crow community puzzled. Despite the painful number of unanswered complaints recieved all throughout her career as a street tattooer, the Society for Diverse Arts consented in describing her existence as "acceptable" after her mythical Concert for Rodents that took place in memoriam of hamster Choki, in the beginning of this century. It is believed that nowadays she is an outlaw, devided between Rock and artichoke contraband. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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