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Start from nothing and bring your civilization to prosperity.

About the project

Ambitions is a video game currently in development. In a randomly generated open world, you will have to bring your civilization to prosperity. But you will also have to protect it against the threats that weigh down on it.
Ambitions is aimed to be launched in alpha stage during the Summer and it will be available on Windows and Linux. A Mac version could eventualy come in the future.

The images that you will see comes from a preliminary version of the game. Thus, they are not representative of the final product's quality. We will add more as the devlopment will continue.

Ambitions will have different game modes. The first available game mode will be the so called "Ambitions" mode where the only limits will be your ambitions.
In a randomly generated and opened world, you will be able to do what you want. Build the most beautiful city of all, become the more powerful trader or the manager of the more efficient coal mine ! In Ambitions you have the choice to proceed through negotiation or force. You can raise an army, or build an economy, and a great civilization through your ambitions.
But be careful ! It's not roses all the way and you will have to defend your people against more than one threat. Wild creatures, monsters, hostile people... All of them will try to put a spoke in your wheel ! And that's not all. Your strongest enemy could come from within your own people.

In Ambitions, the world will be made of blocks and randomly generated. Explore deep forests, dark caves, verdant hills, impassable mountains... You will be able to discover an infinite and living world filled with countless resources that you will have to gather and populate with lots of different creatures that you will have to get acquainted with. You will find a realistic world with geological layers, biomes that depend on temperature and rainfall and more features like NPC (Non-Player Character) cities or lone hermits.

Resource management is a key part of the game. Every resource is important, whether it comes from the bowels of the Earth, the top of a mountain tree or from a poor creature. You will need all of these resources for many purposes : create buildings, craft tools or weapons, build workshops or even traps ! You will have to stock your resources wisely if you don't want to loose them. Someone could steal your tools or an animal could eat your food.
Workshops are another key feature. A workshop is a generic word that include many things. A bakery is a workshop, as an iron foundry is. In general, every place containing all or some parts of a production chain (The bread production in a bakery for example) is called a workshop. Your workers will spend a lot of time in those workshops to create all the goods that you need.

Here are some example of workshop parts : a classic table, a bread oven, an anvil, a tools panel and a circular saw.

In Ambitions, each character will have his own individuality. Each character has their own freedom of choice, even in following your orders. They could then choose to disobey and even turn against you. Each character will be unique and not just a mindless clone. This means that one can like music while another will prefer science. One will follow a religion while another will be atheistic. One will prefer to live alone while another will need to found a family.
Even if each character has his individuality, they will also want to found different kind of associations. A small business or industry, a music group, a religious community... They will form communities with people who share the same interests.
But the greatest freedom is not mere preference but the ability to choose between good and evil, right and wrong, vice and virtue. And so each character is also given this ultimate freedom which will also be the greatest challenge in the game, as you can never be fully sure who you can trust and who is going to backstab you next.

In Ambitions, each character will be able to learn multiple skills. But they will also have innate talents. Skills improve with practice but with the aid of a trainer, they can be improved much faster. To perpetuate knowlegde, characters will be able to read or write books and to learn from professors or trainers. The learning speed and extent will depends on the character talents.
Many skills are required to master and use various technologies. They will also be needed to discover new one if they are brilliant enough. But don't expect anything fancy. The world of Inex is not technologically advanced. Thus, you will have to discover a lot of things. Maybe the trace of the past could help you...

In Ambitions mode, you will play on a unique world, Inex, which is the homeworld of the mysterious and dangerous substance Nebulitalis, also known as The Mist. Inex is to a large extent covered in the mist, which is deadly poisonous. Only a few parts of the planet which are kept free from the mist, are populated. It's a powerful but very dangerous resource that you will have to learn to control if you want to benefit of it. The Mist holds an old and mysterious power that only a few can master and it could be a key of your success if you know how to control it.

When the campaign ends, we will set up a lottery in which 10 winners will be able to create their own hermit. Every funder who has given at least 25€ will enter in the lottery. The more you will have supported us, the more chance to win you will have. And if you have given at least 500€, you will have 100% chance to win ! More information to come in the future. You can also find more information about the hermits in the FAQ.

In this FAQ, you will find useful information about the project and the rewards. If you don't find the answer that you need, feel free to contact us and we will do our's utmost to answer you quickly.

Q : If I support this project with at least 10€, I will receive a copy of the game in its alpha stage. Will I have to buy it again when the full release will be out ?
A : No. As long as you have bought the game (Either in alpha stage or in beta stage in the future), you will receive of the game's update for free, including the full release.

Q : Most of the rewards will allow me to create content that will be added to the game. What are the contrainsts that I will have to follow ?
A : For each content's creation, you will have to follow some simple rules. First, the content will have to fitt with the game's universe and history. The content should not be obscene or offensive in any way. Finally, you won't be able to propose content that is protected by copyright.

Q : I'm not good at drawing. How will I be able to create content like a creature ?
A : Don't worry. If you think that you won't be able to make what you want, we will do it for you. Just give us a good description and we will bring your creation to life.

Q : What are an illustrious figure and a hermit ?
A : An illustrious figure will be a character with a talent so good in one domain that he will become an example to follow for a lot of characters. A musician, a scientist, a carpenter... Whatever domain he will mastered, his creations will always been wonderful.
Hermits are people who live in the Mist. They know a lot about it and they will teach you their knowlegde if you help them.

What are the funds for?

The funding will have different goals.
Firstly, it will allow us to fund the web server that will host the web site while waiting for game's incomes to be enough.

Then, it will allow us to purchase some softwares that could be useful for the game development.

And finally, we will use it to pay all the people who are not directly involved in the project but who would contribute to the project like the person who will develop the website. And it could also help us cover any other potential expense needed to finish the game

About the project owner


Keda is the game's developer and lead designer. If nothing is finished in time, you will be able to blame him. :D
He lives in Finland and you will probably not see him here a lot because he prefers to be a hermit and to write code all day long. He is the originator of the project, creating the game he always wanted to make.


I am the game's graphic artist. If everything is ugly, you will be able to blame me. :D
I live in France and I will be your main contact during all the campaing and even after. I have joined Keda a few time after he begun to work on Ambitions. I have been immediately seducted by the concept and now, I come with my own ideas to make it even more better.