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Amazing Waste Project

Vouchers in exchange for recyclable waste

About the project

Our french NGO Recyl'AGE, based in Paris, implements a pilot project
in 4 Albanian cities, concerning waste management.

In Albania there is no official sorting system.
12,000 people live of informal collection and resale of recyclable waste.

Our project aims to encourage citizens who sort their waste giving them vouchers in exchange,
and to set up the collection by collectors who usually work informally.

The project is called

We collect waste (organic + recyclable)
from 400 families (100 in each city).


For 1 kilo of recyclable waste, the family get 1 voucher.


The family can use it to buy something in one of the
40 grocery stores of the network (10 per city).

Vouchers are printed by grocery stores to attract more customers.

The waste collection is done by 8 informal collectors (2 per city)
to improve their working conditions.

These collectors continue to sell this waste to recycling companies
for their personal profit. By joining the project, their profit increases.



The waste collection is scheduled from April 24 to May 20,
in 4 different cities (Shkodra, Vora, Vlora, Elbasan).



If the pilot project works fine,

  • we continue in these 4 cities and spread in other cities of Eastern Europe
  • we set up cooperatives of collectors and sorting points

What are the funds for?

We have almost reached our first goal of 5000 €, thanks to you !
We soon attack the second target: get 3.500€ more
We put this amount of 5000€, because in case of failure of the campaign, it is canceled by this website. No money at all for us, and you are repaid.
Please note that we are all working as volunteers on this project and that nobody will move to Panama with your money immediately.





In Vlora:

In Vlora:

In Elbasan:

In Vora:

In Tirana:



A couple of informal collectors in Elbasan

A collector tricycle in Vlora

A funny collector in Vlora

Visit of the largest plastic recycling plant in Albania

Training volunteers on site


About the project owner

Our brains and arms:

Pierre is a film music teacher. Last year, he had nothing to do with waste management. But when he traveled by bike from France to Mongolia, he realized that environmental protection and fighting against poverty are the core of the solution to waste management. He now takes Waste Management Courses in Paris Faculty and leads the Amazing Waste Project.

Geraldine BECHERAS
Geraldine studied anthropology in Lyon and Paris, especially in the field of migrations. She focused on Roma issues in France and Albania where she had worked and lived among Roma community. Currently she works with asylum seekers in Paris. She thinks that improving people’s living conditions through a social and solidarity economy project is a great challenge.

Ludivine POHER
Ludivine studied in Toulouse Business School and has worked for 10 years in Recycling in France in participative innovation and as manager of sorting centers for household and professional waste. In 2015, she joined the young eco-organism Valdelia as a technical recycling advisor. She lived 6 months in Bulgaria and is sensitive to the Roma condition.

Laure HUYS
Laure studied communications and international business economics in France and Belgium. Meanwhile she traveled a year in Australia, then through South America. She wrote a thesis about environmental and ecological issues and worked as a volunteer for a brazilian ecological NGO in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, she is website project manager. 


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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