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ALWAID new album

"The Machine and the Beast"

About the project


Today we've reached 50% of our final goal, thank you so much for your support!

To show you how grateful we are and to celebrate, we are proud to present to you the full artwork of the album, designed by the amazingly talented Zero-Scarecrow.

All of your contributions will, among other things, be used to pay for the tremendous work he's done.

Here is the album's tracklist:

Intro: "Enter the Other One Inside"


"When Giants Wake"

"The Whale"

"The Lord of Cities"

"Monsters by Gaslight"

"Sang Noir"

"So the Song Went (Silent O Moyle)"

"Idle Riddles and Rhymes"


"The Call of the Wild"



We have heard many of you wishing for a more affordable taste of hell... ;) So for 90 euros, this exclusive reward includes the ride on Max’s own Harley Davidson from the “Highway to Hell” pack. (You may combine this with any other reward, of course!)


We are Alwaid, a female-fronted melodic metal band from Lille, France. The band was formed in 2010, we recorded a first demo in 2012, and our first full-fledged album, Lacus Somniorum, was released on March 21st 2014. We have toured around France, Belgium, the UK and the Netherlands, and we are now ready for the next step: in just a couple of days we'll be back in the studio to record our second album, entitled The Machine and the Beast.

Let's talk about the music itself: Alwaid's sound identity is now more solid, and you will recognize in this new album the variety of genres from one song to the next that was already felt on Lacus Somniorum, the heavy-metal guitar riffs, the ferocious drumbeats, and the interaction of several voices. To this, we've added more elaborate orchestral arrangements, and the female vocals, at times, leave behind their lyrical notes to gain more grain.

In brief, our songs are as ambitious as we are, the concept is ready, a new album is definitely on its way...

That is why we wish to give the production quality of this album our top priority, and this is where you can help! Have you ever enjoyed some of our songs, either listening to our album or attending one of our gigs? Do you wish to discover the best of what we can offer today, stronger with three years of experience? Then contribute today to our project, and together let's make this dream happen!

Whereas our first album told of the various steps from waking to unconsciousness, through insomnia, dreams and nightmares, the second one will offer an exploration of the cycle of civilization. The songs relate how mankind struggles to free itself from its primal animality and to gain control over the machine, which will lead to its ultimate fall. Order vs. chaos, instinct vs. reason, desire vs. logic, grandeur vs. decay – multiple conflicting facets and contrary impulses which make man's identity a complex and imperfect one. As a symbol of this dual aspect, and of the album itslef: the mythical Amphisbaena, two-headed serpent that tries to go both ways at once...

Alwaid's inspirations still come from the great works and myths that have left their traces over our culture. Our music is home to literary monsters, formidable Goliaths to be smitten down whatever the price (Moby Dick), or more insidious creatures when the monster hides behind a human face (Mr. Hyde, Jack the Ripper...). Some songs tell of the wonders and misguided ways of relentless science, that ends up defeated by life itself, for « life will find a way » (Ian Malcolm, of course!); others tell of man's anguish when confronting the possibility of his own degeneration (our beloved Lovecraft); others, finally, evoke the romantic nostalgia for a lost state of nature, and the ecstatic liberation you feel when you return to the wild.

What are the funds for?

Thanks to you, this is what this funding campaign will allow us to achieve:

5000 euros: professional studio quality recording, mix and mastering

6000 euros: production of 500 Cds in premium digipack format

6800 euros: artwork design by Zero-Scarecrow, an amazingly talented metal artist Here is a preview of what the album will look like:

(not to forget the financing platform's commission, around 500 euros)

Were we to collect more, the extra money will be invested in the shooting of an exclusive video clip illustrating one of our band-new songs, and the design of T-shirts, patches, pins...

International shipping FREE for contributions of 50 euros or more!

5 euros :
Get a heartfelt thank you on all our social networks!

10 euros :
Previous perk + get the album "The Machine and the Beast" in digital version on the day of the official release.

15 euros :
Previous perks + get a signed physical copy of the album "The Machine and the Beast".

20 euros :
Previous perks + exclusive download access to the album "The Machine and the Beast" a few days before the official release date + get our brand-new badge!

30 euros :
Previous perks + a signed copy of Alwaid's debut album "Lacus Somniorum"

35 euros :

A signed copy of “The Machine and The Beast” + choose either :

- our "Draco" teeshirt

- OR our branded teeshirt

40 euros :

A signed copy of “The Machine and The Beast” + the album's teeshirt.

International shipping FREE for all packs!

50 euros : 

Album “The Machine and the Beast” + album “Lacus Somniorum” + our very first demo “Alwaid”, so you can take pride in owning every music we have ever produced!

70 euros :

Previous perk + the teeshirt with the new album design + badge + signed photo of the band.


80 euros :

"ALL INCLUDED"  PACK + your name in the album's booklet + free entry to one of our upcoming shows.

90 euros:

This exclusive reward includes the ride on Max’s own Harley Davidson from the “Highway to Hell” pack. (You may combine this with any other reward, of course!)

100 euros : 

ALL-INCLUDED PACK + your name in the album's booklet + a guitar pick, a broken drumstick and a guitar string, all used and hot from the stage!

150 euros : 

"ALL INCLUDED" PACK + your name in the album's booklet + the lyrics to your favourite Alwaid song lovingly handwritten by our singer Marie.

180 euros : 

"ALL INCLUDED" PACK + your name in the album's booklet + Following your personal preferences, get either our drummer Robin to make a drum cover of any metal song (by Alwaid or not), or our keyboardist Laurent to play any classical piano piece you like. We'll post the video on YouTube, dedicated to you!

200 euros : 

SPECIAL “IDOLATROUS FAN” PACK + your name in the album's booklet + any bandmember's stage pants, shirt and socks, only for the most hardcore fan of you guys!

250 euros :

"ALL INCLUDED" PACK  + your name in the album's booklet + join the band for one rehearsal to get an exclusive peek at how we prepare out shows. And if you're a musician too, let's jam together!

(only 3 available)

300 euros : 

"ALL INCLUDED" PACK + your name in the album's booklet + during one afternoon, get exclusive piano and music theory lesson with Laurent!   (Travel expenses to be covered by the contributor)

300 euros : 

PACK "ALL INCLUDED" + your name in the album's booklet + a cover of the song of your choice from Alwaid, on YouTube. The video will be dedicated to you!   (only 3 available!)

300 euros :

PACK "ALL INCLUDED" + your name in the album's booklet + give us some lyrics and we will write a whole new song using them!   (only 2 available)

500 euros : 

The ultimate perk which will get you our "ALL INCLUDED" PACK  + an acoustic show in your living-room (travel expenses to be covered by the contributor) +  meet the Machine AND the Beast : Max will take you for a ride on his own Harley Davidson!

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