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Quebec residency and preview in Marseille next October 6th and 7th

About the project

#ALPHALOOP is a project led by the artist Adelin Schweitzer who approaches the theme of the sacred through the prism of the imagined techno-shamanism practice. This one asserting that there is no dualistic opposition between Nature and Technology, no structural difference between computers and other "natural" demonstrations of reality.

The project is built in association with the writer-actor Fred Sechet, the visual artist-programmer NAO and the professor Antoine Gonot. It is deploying from a phase of research on the native cultures of Quebec in August-September 2018, which will help to feed the dramaturgic writing of a transmédia and interactive show in public space planned on the 2019 horizon.

This proposition extends the work that the artist started in 2008 through its previous research, A-Reality (2008-2013). In this last one Adelin and his team designed a machine, the P03, which has the function to distort visual and sound perceptions of his user. During a stroll that he chooses, the participant becomes the explorer of a world transformed by the machine in real time according to a random programmation. Each time, the artist becomes the witness and the confidant of this traveler who tries to interpret the changing structures of this transfigured everyday life.

The project #ALPHALOOP was launched in September 2017 with the help of the Open Art foundation (Plovdiv, Bulgaria), and the support of the French Institute of Bulgaria and INSITU, the European network for the artistic creation in public space.

This beta version was tested on the public of "The Plovdiv Nights" at a rate of eight walks a day - 1 hour each - for an audience of five people at the same time. Before every "journey", participants are equipped with audio / video helmets (Gear Vr + Samsung S8) which, for a given time, will become their new organs of perception.

Willing to go further with his researches on public support in contexts of audiovisual immersion, Adelin asks Fred to help him build a fiction in which two characters propose a "ceremony" to a group of volunteers. Between ritual practices and technological protocols, these two opposed figures fall at the edge of a world where nature and machines would finally be reconciled.

  • HIM (Fred): he is a humanist who has become shaman, he tries to reconcile the “Homo Technologicus” with his origins. During these journeys in the Multiverse, he summoned the META to help him in his mission.
  • The META (Adelin): he is a technomancien, a supernatural creature coming from another dimension capable of perceiving and treating the information flows generated by machines. He is held in this reality by the contract that binds him to HIM.

After this first experiment, the team goes out galvanized by the enthusiastic and constructive feedbacks from the audience. Convinced that is necessary to go further with the project, beyond the simple sensitive experiment. A new objective takes shape: to work on the dramaturgic writing of a true transmedia and interactive performance.

What are the funds for?

The production strategy of  #ALPHALOOP is organized until spring 2019 and is formed through 7 phases. The project is already supported by different partners in France, Canada and Serbia but the creation budget is still not totally enssured.

PHASE 1 > in June 2018 / Research and first contact - SERBIA
PHASE 2 > in August-September 2018 / Writing residency - CANADA
PHASE 3 > in October 2019 / Creation residency - deletere - FRANCE
PHASE 4 > in March 2019 / Research and development software - Foundation 2021 - SERBIA
PHASE 5 > in April 2019 / Creation residency - deletere - FRANCE
PHASE 6 > spring 2019 / First presentation #ALPHALOOP - FRANCE
PHASE 7 > summer 2019 /  #ALPHALOOP tour

" Fred and myself leave to Quebec for a writing residency in August 2018 searching for informations about the shamanic culture of the native peoples of the North. We will be on the road during more than 20 days to explore, meet, record, and shoot other episodes of the web fiction #ALPHALOOP_Episodes which are going to illustrate the various creation phases of the project.

The main objective of this journey is to give us first elements to structure the performance dramaturgy taking in consideration its central lever, shamanism. Indeed, how can you speak about something that we know only partially? That you did not experience yourself? This first raid in a traditional shamans practitioners context has to help us to take position as authors, but also allow us to feed the creation with on-the-spot original elements.

To do all of this, we already have a first grant of 4.500€: 2900€ from the French Consulate and 1600€ from our partner in Quebec La Chambre Blanche, a production and diffusion space dedicated to new media arts. This money is going be used:

  • to transport us over there: 1750€
  • to pay us a little, because even if it is going to be an extraordinary journey that will not be holidays: 1750€
  • to feed us and to give us shelter: 1000€

So what will this money we ask be used for? Well, to pay all the rest.

  • to rent a vehicle capable to do the 2330 km which we will have to travel: 1500€
  • to assure it and to put in it some gasoline: 500€
  • to buy adapted equipment for video recordings (second-hand GH4, GoPro fusion): 1500€
  • to pay fees: 300€

And if, by convergence of celestial bodies and the Big Crowdfunding algorithms we exceed the fateful bar of 3800€, you should know that we will not use this money to go to play casino in an Indian reserve.

It will support the pursuit of the Plan with the funding of PHASE 3 intended, once back in France, to prepare the project preview to the Convent Levat in Marseille within the framework of the" Highlight digital Art " organized in October 2018 by deletere and Juxtapoz association. "

Adelin Schweitzer

About the project owner

deletere is a nomadic laboratory. Its research are focused on new technologies as an artistic medium. Resolutely transverse, the association produces and diffuses artworks and multimedia performances that questions relationship between the audience and Machines. Established in 2013 and based in Marseille, deletere currently gathers a group of artists and technicians brought together by their technical complementarity and their curiosity for this medium.


The META - Adelin Schweitzer : Born in 1978, Adelin Schweitzer lives and works in Marseille. He graduated in 2004 from the College of the Arts in Aix-en-Provence and pursued from there a polymorphic artist career at the crossroads between immersives performances, audiovisual experiments and new technologies. Adelin is part of a cutting edge artistic filiation of Rimini Protokoll, Tinguely, Marc Pauline from S.R.L or still Stelarc. Drawing from science-fiction imagery and cognitive sciences the artist designs over time the outlines of a singular forward-looking universe.

HIM - Fred Sechet : Frédéric Sechet was born on February 16th, 1969 on the edges of the Loire. After some creations and uncountable collaborations with different street theater companies, he settles down in 2013 in Marseille to follow the FAI-AR, a formation addressed to authors willing to concretize their project of creation in the public space. It is at this period that he meets Adelin Schweitzer. Seduced by the forward-looking dimension of its research and the echos it engenders in his own literary culture (William Gibbons, Neal Stenphenson, Timothy Leary), curious to explore the possibility of games that the closeness which exists between the audience and the performers offers, Fred embarks on the project.

The NAO Systeme - Naoyuki Tanaka : NAO is a total material artist living in France. Graduated in 2003 from the College of the Arts in Aix-en-Provence with jury congratulations, he started to work as an artist in the field of interactive multimedia performances. After 10 years of commercial and artistic development works, he moved towards mixed media robotic, inspired by his childhood, 80’s mangas and films. His works and performances take a cynical look at contemporary society, immersing viewers into a reflection of new/lost technologies.

The Adviser - Antoine Gonot : Engineer in signal processing and holder of a Master's degree in acoustics in 2003. He then prepares a thesis in computing, financed by Orange Labs and managed by Stéphane Natkin of the CNAM (NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS). After his doctorate in 2008, he becomes research engineer at the CNAM (NATIONAL CONSERVATORY OF ARTS AND CRAFTS) during two years. He finally joins the University of Aix-Marseille in 2010 as a lecturer. He is presently the head of the Master's degree course "music for the image" of the department SATIS and share his research activities between the Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory of the CNRS(NATIONAL CENTER FOR SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH) and the ASTRAM team of the University of Aix-Marseille.