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Adaptable Backpacks

About the project

Along, the backpack brand dedicated to urban improvisation.

Because we live several lives in one day (work, bike commute, workout…) and we like going out the city to enjoy jumping into the water or having a walk in the forest, Along developps bags that adapts to work, sport and week-ends. As Ludo (watch the video clip) we do not want to carry several bags for every daily activity anymore. It’s why our first bag : BaSe's volume get up to 30 liters for your last minute groceries, contains a waterproof removable inner bag for your sport items, carry big objects thanks to its external strap, is water repelent, protects your computer, can be carried as a backpack or a messenger bag. Welcome to daily urban adventure !

BaSe, the backpack

BaSe, what does that mean ?

Big & Small > Its volume evolves with your needs

To get ready for improvisation, BaSe’s volume get up to 30 liters (cabin luggage). In everyday life, it keeps an elegant low profil, and when you need more volume, BaSe get bigger thanks to its simple adjustment system on sides and bottom.

Business & Sport > the backpack that follows you for all your activities

Protect your computer and your back

In order not to mix your private life with your working items (avoid grabbing your jogging instead of your computer in in front of your boss), the foam back panel protect and separate your computer from the rest. BaSe carry a 15 inches laptop, your Ipad or any booklet and documents. You can acces to this compartment from the top and the side.

Ipad compartment

small pockets for booklets and pencils

acces on the side

acces on the top

Plouf, the removalbe waterproof bag

BaSe contains Plouf, its inner removable and waterproof bag. Plouf is useful in many situations : bring your lunchbox at work, carry swimming suit, a water bottle, last minute groceries… It can be attached inside BaSe and hung to the cloackroom’s coat hooks.


It is attached inside BaSe, to never forget it.

Plouf carries your groceries, your lunchbox, your swimming suit…

Its handle is specially designed to hang Plouf in the cloackroom.

Back & Shoulder > Backpack or messenger

BaSe evolves from a backpack to a messenger bag by simply detaching the shoulder pressure button. Every pocket has an top and a side access.

Find your belongings easily !

The inner colo is a light grey for a better visibility. The main front zipper can open wide or only on the bottom.

Find your keys

A small inner pocket has been design especially for your personal items and keys.

Under the rain

BaSe is water repelent and every zipper are waterproof. So don’t worry about the weather and enjoy being outside.

No more space… there is still space outside

The front removable strap helps to carry big items.

Evolutive inner compartments

We will soon design new inner removable compartments with the same mindset than Plouf. Fly will be transparent for small plane cabin items and Miam keeps your lunchbox cool. Thanks to the inner attache system, the compartments can be attached and removed easily.

Materials composition

We use mainly waterproof materials :

  • The front bag fabric is Polyurethan, waterproof
  • The side is in Cordura, water repellent
  • The back panle is in moald foam in EVA
  • External zippers are waterproof
  • The hooks and trims are in metal
  • Plouf inner bag's fabric is full waterproof with waterproof seams


Production will be launched end of Décember after the crowdfunding campaign. Delivery will be made by post mail in Avril 2019.

And for Christmass ? Production will take 3 to 4 months, so we made a gift card for Christmass or Brithdays before April 2019.

Along Story

They believe in Along !

Thanks to the Schoolab team, Morgane, Yves and Stephane.

Thanks to Chloé from the BGE inbubator.

Thanks to Florian and Vanessa my mentors.

Lénaïc eand Esther who have follow the project from the begining.

Thanks to Clément and Axelle my pictures and video models.

Thanks to Alice for her beautfull voice, Rocco for the sound mix, and Caroline for the video edition.

Thanks to Valentin for his graphic design work.

Our brand ambassadors

Marco #climbing

Stéphanie #windsurf

Maëva #dance

Thanks to you all that follow me from the beggining, my familly and friends.

And after the campaign ?

BaSe + Plouf will be available on our website : www.along-bag.com at 175 euros. Additionnal modules as Plouf (waterproof) or Miam (isoterm) or the front colorfull front band will be also available.

Where can I see the bag ?

A la boutique Ulule

19 rue de Cléry, métro sentier

75002 Paris

opening time :

monday 12pm - 7pm

tuesday 10pm - 7pm

wednesday 10pm - 7pm

thursday 10pm - 7pm

friday 10pm - 7pm

What are the funds for?

The crowdfunding campaign will finance

  • fabric and material
  • manufacturing
  • delivery
  • packaging
  • TVA, Ulule comissions

About the project owner

Designer and founder of Along, Alix lives in Paris and enjoys the energy of the city when she’s not traveling. She likes to dance, climb, swim... In 2012, after 4 years studying design in Strasbourg, she integrated into the Men & Mobility department at the Eindhoven Design Academy, strengthening her interest for nomadic objects. Therefore, in 2017, she created the bag she dreamt of for years. The bag that would correspond to all her wishes, and follow her along her daily activities, at work, at the gym, or over a weekends.

Parc Montsouris, Paris

Fablab DMM, Akihabara, Tokyo