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Alice Animal launches her first album


About the project


She moved from singing in the Parisian underground to recording her first album at Real World and, at the same time, she changed her stage name from Aless to Alice Animal. Composer, co-author and singer, this accomplished artist has now set a new challenge for herself: to assume the role of Alice Animal, an alter-ego with a clear voice and a modern story-teller style.
For her first album, Alice Animal succeeded in selecting excellent French musicians who helped her transform the recording into a real adventure. She is accompanied by Pierre Bianchi, Matthieu Rabaté, Sébastien Cortella, Hilaire Penda and Marco Papazian who have all been captivated by her sincerity and her talent.

Recorded in Real World studios, founded by Peter Gabriel and one of the most beautiful studios in the world, the album, titled Théogonie, is really the birth of a French singer whose authenticity and audacity give it a unique place on the current musical scene. The essence of this adventure has been captured by Remi Disch, producer and artist, in the precious documentary called "Alice Animal in Real World".

Théogonie includes eleven original titles which celebrate mythological inspiration (Cythère) and the influence of the arts (Bleu de Klein) on the sensitivity of Alice Animal. Self-produced with the label Alessandra Records that she founded at the beginning of 2016, the album is quite an animistic exploration of nature and the fleeting encounters that life offers us. This mixing of tradition and modernity is typical of her musical world which is not entirely rock or pop. It is, however, the right dosage of boldness, tenderness and charisma and it has already seduced several musical partners.

In an effort to share her stories and feelings, Alice Animal reveals herself on stage with the help of her guitars, one of which is a Duesenberg Starplayer TV Blue Sparkle which catches our eye.
Her contagious energy and her mastery make her an exceptional and charming singer, proven by the fact that she was selected to perform in the first part of concerts given by famous artists such as Franck Monnet, Liz Cherhal, Alain Chamfort or JP Nataf.

By desiring to remain independent, Alice Animal has to trust her public to help her produce the album. This crowdfunding campaign is launched now to encourage fans to contribute to its promotion.

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