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Alentejo Magic Box

Discover Portugal in Alentejo

About the project

:::: NEWS ::::

Our website is online and you can buy your box there : WWW.LUSITANBOX.COM

To contact us, please use : [email protected]

Our facebook also changed, you can follow us here

Alentejo is a region of Portugal for all tastes, whether you want to relax, discover gastronomy, wine or local crafts, or are simply looking for new experiences, sensations, or even just a little sunshine. Imagine receiving Alentejo at home: every 3 months, a little bit of your travels in a box, to learn, taste, hear, and see the best of the region. The Alentejo Magic Box will arrive in your mailbox this summer!

Alentejo Magic Box is an online membership box that you will receive at home every 3 months. The idea is to discover Alentejo from home, with each of your senses. It’s also available in Alentejo for the lucky ones who can come visit us !!

What's inside the box ?

In each box you will find 5 to 7 selected regional products (eg. olive oil, spices and herbs, tea, wine, gin, dried meats, honey, cookies, crafts, beauty products ...). The Alentejo region is famous for its agriculture and wine, but it also has a rich tradition of crafts, as well as young artisans and makers full of new ideas. Every 3 months, based on a local theme, you will find 100% local and orginal products to discover new tastes and a new culture!

Every edition you will find at least 3 recipe cards with traditional regional cuisine, to suit all tastes, sweet, salty, small and big stomachs! You will find regional ingredients to cook, inside your box! And each recipe will be supported by a video! Now you have no excuses to become a chef of the cuisine made in Alentejo!

Alentejo's wines are regularly awarded at international level, indeed the climate of the region is perfect for growing grapes. Each edition you will find a card listing a selection of 3 regional wines, as well as explanations of our chief winemaker (see below) in accordance with the recipes found in the box. It also includes a coupon for a free tasting to use in Alentejo, and you can also order it directly from our online shop and receive your selection of wine at home !

A book of original promotional offers for you to discover the regional peculiarities, will be given in each edition. You will find in it 3 types of promotions, promotions for direct use on site (residential, restaurant, tour, extreme sports ...), promotions to use online (for the purchase of local products, for example), and more surprises !

Finally, you can also find in the box :

- 3 descriptions of hiking path (adaptable to your needs) for nature's lovers !

- A map of the region to learn about the product origins from this edition and meet the local makers and artisans!

+ Postcards, goodies, videos and more ...

Every 3 months, the box contents will be based on a local theme, determined by our very "regional" tour guides! Our local guide include:

Ulule is an online crowdfunding platform to collect funds for a project or launch a product, which is our case. If we reach our goal, we will receive your money and you will receive your rewards (which would be so great!). On the other hand, if we don't reach this goal, it's a test run for our idea, and everyone gets their money back!

The Alentejo Magic Box is a new story every 3 months, but it is also creating a sustainable tourism and cultural exchange that benefits both the local economy and tourists. We chose crowdfunding to test our product, but also to generate pre-sales our first boxes, and to start the production. We are relying on you, and we want to hear your feedback!

What are the funds for?

In 2014, the idea of Alentejo Magic Box was born. In 2016, with the help of ESDIME (association for development of Alentejo region) we joined the project "Ferreira Empreende II" (Ferreira entreprenership 2) in the incubator of Ferreira do Alentejo companies, in the center of the region. With the help of professionals, we tested our idea, and evaluated its potential. We created the design of the brand, and concept, and made the first contacts with local makers as well as the prototype of the first box. But now it's just missing one detail …. customers! This is why they decided to start a crowdfunding campaign, in order to find our first customers and create the Alentejo Magic Box! Let's make it real!

We first need your mailboxes to send our sunny magic boxes, which gives you an opportunity to receive the exclusive BOX number 1 this summer, at a friends and family price, and the warm and fuzzy feeling of contributing to our special project!

These 5,000 euros will help us to produce the first 300 boxes, with the purchase of rewards and shipping costs of crowdfunding campaign, and 8% of this amount is Ulule's part. In short, it will give us quite a boost to start!

The main goal of this campaign is to pre-sale our future subscriptions, with a nice price, made especially for crowdfunding campaign. But we have more to offer, and you can help us with any amount! With only 5 euros, you can be part of this adventure, What do you say? Have a look at the side panels, and see the rewards you can get for helping us!

Ps: Box content are available in 3 languages (French, English and Portuguese), don't forget to choose the one you want to receive for the reward!

About the project owner

Alentejo Magic Box is a project that will allow us to combine our skills in audiovisual and design with our taste for the Alentejo region. This project will support and create sustainable tourism in Alentejo, based on a cultural exchange that benefits both local and tourists!

After many months traveling, we decided to go for a one month trip on Vicentina coast in Alentejo, the Southwest of Portugal. Facing this magnificent coastline, we realized the potential for tourism in this region: some of the best gastronomy, landscapes, artisans, farmers and local markets are here and the idea of Alentejo Magic Box was born.


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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