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Promúsica Orchestral Project

Mastering, edition and distribution of our fourth double album

About the project

Your contribution will provide for this beautiful educational project, where children and young talents will be able to see how their vocation for music is developed, thanks also to the work of directors, assistants and our non-profit Cultural Association: “Promusica”. Your contribution will also help the mastering, edition and distribution of our fourth double album, where our musicians have done their best, offering us many of the most spectacular interpretations of classical music and well-known soundtracks.

Once again, the Promúsica Orchestral Project, directed by Javier Claudio, has surpassed itself and has taken to the stage the Promúsica Symphony Orchestra, with piano, wind and percussion instruments, together with the traditional Chamber Orchestra, with string instruments, has managed to take to the recording studio one of the most appreciated and desired performances by the musicians: Danzon nº2 by A. Marquez. The program is completed with The Holberg Suite by E. Grieg, The death of the angel by A. Piazzolla, String Suite by J. Rutter, Toy Symphony by L. Mozart, among others, such as the most beautiful movie soundtracks: Star Wars, A night at the Museum, James Bond, Legends of the Fall, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Cars, Ratatouille, which were also interpreted by Youth Orchestra and Promusica Children’s Orchestra.

Here’s a nice video, as a small sample, collecting some fragments of the recordings, still pending editing and mastering, which are waiting for your contribution:



What are the funds for?

The financing to be obtained will allow the final production and master, as well as the edition of physical copies of the recording of the fourth double album of the Project, where their different orchestras will offer new interpretations and will make their music reach every corner once again, thanks to its dissemination as a double CD and to the new technologies, supported by Spotify.

Thanks to this, the generations of musicians that currently make up the orchestras can immortalize their notes in a beautiful new project, sharing their music with all of you.

In gratitude for your contributions, in case of achieving the economic objective set, the Promúsica Orchestral Project will send you a nice gift, which could reach up to a deluxe gift for the most important contributions, and a copy of this upcoming double album, as soon as it is edited and an unforgettable experience limited exclusively to the most important collaborations with our project.

About the project owner

The Promúsica Orchestral Project is an educational project aimed at young talents who study music in conservatories, under the protection of the Promúsica Cultural Association, a non-profit association, made up of the musicians’ parents.  The Project consists of three young string orchestras and recently a Symphony Orchestra, aged between 8 and 20, which already have numerous international awards, having performed their pieces in the most important concert halls in the world, such as the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna, where two of their orchestras have already played.

The work of Javier Claudio, as artistic director of the Project, conducting the Chamber Orchestra and Promusica Youth Orchestra, is complemented by Beatriz Claudio and Guillermo de Alba, both components of the Chamber Orchestra, who conduct the Children’s Orchestra, quarry of our Project.

The most important and representative factor is the selfless collaboration of the musicians, directors, parents, family, friends and collaborators of the project, in pursuit of the dissemination of classical music and of the educational and cultural values that fill all their activities and concerts, in addition to the help offered by the older musicians themselves to the little ones.

It is worth mentioning the recent participation of the Children's Orchestra in the Lisbon Music Fest, a renowned international festival in Lisbon, as well as the upcoming participation of the Youth Orchestra in Bratislava and of the Chamber Orchestra in Vienna.

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