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"ALAWN" : new DAM KAT solo record

Become official Godfather / Godmother of "ALAWN " or reserve your Cd !

About the project

" The child knows everything at his birth and forget the "Essential" throughout his life "

Hello my  dear PROG ROCK friends ❤

Welcome on my new Ulule crowdfunding page specially created for my new record " ALAWN "

For full recording, minimum #crowdfunding is : Level #1 = 4500 €
Level # 2 will be a second step, to realize manufacturing of next Cds
Level # 1 /// 4500 € = RECORDING + MIXING MASTERING
Level # 2 /// 6000 € =  MANUFACTURING CDs
... and maybe more, for promotionnal support ?
  Thank you so much for your precious help
to this #new #beautiful #prog #rock #record / m \

Xx Kathy

Hello dear friends,

Maybe you appreciate music : rock, progressive rock, atmospheric metal, world music, celtic music, The Lord of the Rings & J.R.R Tolkien ? Maybe you like comic books, mythology and old celtic legends, poetry, painting, everything about imaginary. My name is Dam Kat, I am musician and I live in Brittany, in France. Today, I am happy to present my new musical project "ALAWN , new record", released next 14th, October.

I start to study music, musical theory and classical piano when i was 14 years old, until the conservatory. Author, composer and singer since 2003, I recorded a very first EP 6 titles, in 2005 entitled "The silent demo". In the summer 2007, in my small home studio, I began to write some songs of "Esyllt" my very first album. First melodies are born, for example : "My Son", "King Arthur's death", "I'm not scared" or "The Battle" ... After that, I decided to found my band " CHILDREN IN PARADISE " (this name refers to a very ancient celtic belief. I like it very much, it means : " The child knows everything at his birth and forget the "Essential" throughout his life). Gwalchmei (heroic / fantasy author & guitarist) joined the band very quickly, in 2008 and became co-producer and guitarist of the band. Together, we recorded and co-produced two records : "Esyllt" (released in January 2012) and "Morrigan" (released in February 2016). We will celebrate the ten years existence of the band, on stage at next international progressive rock festival "Rock au Château" with MAGMA, and other wonderful bands, next 6th and 7th, August, 2017.

I invite you to listen to our records  "Esyllt" & "Morrigan" > on our Bandcamp page.

For lyrics and music, I find inspiration  in personal memories and in mythology and Celtic legends. I studied Art, History & Painting, so I learned to work with my "instinct" and always "with emotion". Like a painter, I imagine scenes, and  compose "pictures", with music, every chord should translate a breath, an emotion, a shadow or a light.

I need to cultivate the " memory of my celtic ancestors" and I study their customs, beliefs, and imaginary. Cernunnos, Bran, Esyllt, Cú Chulainn, Mórrígan, Taliesin, Boadicea, Manannán mac Lir, Vercingetorix, Bibracte, Alesia, Lebra Gabála Érenn, so many literary sources, so many amazing historical or legendary characters. With our celtic trilogy started with "Esyllt" and "Morrigan", we wanted to pay tribute to warriors, druids, legends, myths, to all this amazing celtic culture ... wishing that it never falls into oblivion... This is, also, our last ten years of writing, creation and love for rock / progressive & atmospheric metal music I particularly enjoy.

ESYLLT (released in January 2012) is our first record, between rock, prog, and celtic influences I Elected "Best album in Brazil" in June 2012.

Inspired by Tristan & Iseult legend, this first album is really soft and atmospherical : "absolute love" is the main theme. Broadcasted in France, and Quebec, on undergound radios, "ESYLLT" has been elected "Best album in Brazil" in June 2012, broadcasted and chronicled throughout Europe (in Ireland, England, Switzerland) elected " Favorite Album of the year 2013 "in specialized prog press in Poland and Germany. "ESYLLT" , after that, will be broadcasted in Greece and in the United States (Ohio & Baltimore) at the end of 2013, and  two distribution will be signed in 2014 : one in Poland and the other In Italy.

"MORRIGAN" (Released in February 2016) is elected "Cover of the year 2016" and is part of the "Top 25 of the best albums published in 2016" in the United States (Prog Mind)

With more prog / metal sounds, "MORRIGAN" is the second album I wrote and co-arranged with Gwalchmei, with Fred Moreau (drums) & Loic Bléjean (Uilleann pipes & Low Whistle) and it is inspired by very ancient Irish myths. You discover the Celtic hero Cú Chulainn trying to survive against Mórrígan, goddess of life and death for ancient celts from irland. This album will be broadcasted in United States and in Europe, first orders from Estonia and Finland, very positive reviews in France / " A major disc " (KOID9, France). After that, a beautiful surprise, very unexpected, just one month after release, the band signed three new distributions in Japan (in Tokyo), the United States and Germany.

At the beginning of 2017, MORRIGAN has been elected  " Cover n#1 of the year 2016" and is part of the "Top 25 of the best albums published in 2016" in the United States (Prog Mind). We were very honored. Our third album will be titled "BOADICEA". We will pay tribute to Boudicca, this amazing warrior Celtic queen , so courageous, with an heroic but tragical destiny. This record will be more ambitious and we will need more time to write this record. Release will be, i think, in 2018.

"ALAWN" means "HARMONY" in old welsh language

Before starting work to our new record "BOADICEA", I decided for the first time, to take more time for myself. "A L A W N"  will be more personal, and more autobiographical and I will assume fully the artistic direction. I will write alone, lyrics, music and arrangements. "A L A W N" means "Harmony" in old welsh language, a very symbolic theme. I will talk about happy times or tragic moments of my life. I hope this new record will be really authentic, melancholic, mystical, magical, sweet and tortured too. The recording will begin in June and July, and release will be next 14th October.

My "set-list" is ready.

A first track " WHO ARE THESE GODS " is avalaible

A first single "WHO ARE THESE GODS" is OUT from last October. This title was recorded and mixed in Brittany by Florian Weber (Studio W) & Mastered by Daniel CARDOSO (ANATHEMA) I have the big pleasure to collaborate for the first time, with Daniel on studio, for mastering. > Read the interview published on Neo Prog (translation by google).

Beautiful suprises for this new record. I will also invite you to travel in old brittany to discover the celtic people “The Osisms”, thanks to new sounds, with an extremely rare instrument and so precious : the "Lyre of PAULE" (the 3rd - 2nd century BC). The song will be titled "I believe". A "duet of lyres" will be especially recorded for this song. You will find Gwalchmei, my first guest on guitars and on gallic lyre. Very soon, I will introduce all the others musicians,  in the "News" tab of ULULE.

A crowdfunding : why ?

I choosed crowdfunding with Ulule  to ask people to help me for  the studio recording, remuneration of musicians, mixing & mastering and maybe manufacturing Cds, and maybe promotion, who knows.
I am an independent artist , it means that YOUR SUPPORT is really important to make this new record possible, and I will be infinitely grateful for your help.

ONLY 40 days to participate?

Yes. The operation will be short : only 40 days.I am happy to present all possibilities and all rewards :

I invite you to become the official godfather / godmother of "ALAWN" my new record.

Your name will appear officially in the booklet of the CD. For your participation , it is simple : you just have to choose the subscription of the sponsorship (45 €).

& "I WRITE A POEM" : a second single sent by mail.

To thank you for your support, dear godfather / godmother, I will send you a second single, in preview, entitled "I WRITE A POEM" + a real poem I will send you by mail.

Some videos :

What are the funds for?

Level #1 /// 4500 € = RECORDINGS / MIX / MASTERING

  • Sudio step 1 (recording) = 2000€
  • Studio step 2 (mix + mastering) = 1800€
  • Travel to studio (travel + accommodation musicians) = 700€
  • Charges (Graphics & Booklet) = 0€ (I'll do it myself^^)

+ is added :

Level #2 /// 6000 € = MANUFACTURING CDS

  • Manufacturing Cds + Feed SDRM taxes = 1500€

Level #3 /// 7000 €  = First VIDEO Movie

  • Recording of my first vidéo movie = 1000€

Level #4 /// 8000 € =  Professionnal PHOTO Book

  • Remuneration professionnel photographer = 600€
  • Promotionnal Promotion on Radio with Promo Cds = 400€

Pallier #5 /// 9000 € = PROMOTION

  • Remuneration of Press Officier = 1000€

Pallier #6 /// 10 000 € =  PROMOTER + " Celtic ZOMBIE CHALLENGE by Dam Kat " ^^

  • Remuneration of a manager/promoter (to organize a tour 2018 for Dam Kat & Children in Paradise)
  • I throw a little challenge. Do you like Walking Dead? I really do :)))  If we succeed this Level #6 = 10 000 € then, it is a promise : I"ll do  it !! >>>  I transform myself into a celtic zombie and I will walk on a beach, here in Britanny in Finistere a whole afternoon, and we will record a video ! ^^

About the project owner

DAM KAT is a french author, composer and singer. She lives in Brittany, in the "Côtes d'Armor". Founding member of progressive rock band CHILDREN IN PARADISE founded in 2007 with Gwalchmei, guitarist and co-producer of the band. The two record of the band "Esyllt" and "Morrigan" are now distributed in Japan, in the United States, and in Germany. Dam Kat is very influenced by rock music, prog, world , celtic music (for example Anathema , Pink Floyd , Jeff Buckley , Porcupine Tree , Megadeth , Deep Purple , Radiohead, Kate Bush, or Beth Gibbons (Portishead) ...