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Pursuing my Dreams - the Film

What if children were happy to go to school?

About the project

Emiliano, Province of Santa Fe - Argentina






Emiliano, Paula, Frances and Hildebrand have hardly ever been in traditional schools. They grew up in schools where lessons are optional and kids can do whatever they want whenever they to, from 4 years old to 18 years old. No rigid schedule, no exams, no homework... All in all, (almost) total freedom.


What do they do now?


Today the four are entering the "adult world" and we follow them in the quest for the job of their dreams: in Argentina, Spain, England and France.



By their side, we visit their former schools, meet the children who currently live there, listen to the testimonies of their families and former teachers...


All together, we wonder about the impact that their education has had on their vision of the world. We try to figure out if growing up free has made them become different children and adults. What does it mean for them to "succeed in life"? "To be a fulfilled adult"? What do they reckon the purpose of school is? And besides, what is a school..?


From childhood to professional orientation, from ecology to the quest for life-meaning, we set off to conquer their dream world.


Province of Santa Fe - Argentina




À la Poursuite de mes Rêves finds its origin...obviously... from a dream: that of living in a world where all children would be happy to go to school.


While 1 out of every 5 children in the world is out of school, in our countries 4 out of 5 children complain about being bored at school. How did we get to associate the word "learning" with "boredom" and "obligation"?


The time of a movie, we re-think education, the meaning of life and the way we want to live it. We open the debate to other perspectives and celebrate educational diversity, hoping that children of tomorrow can choose to go to schools that suit them.

And once adults, they can choose to live lives that suit them.



This film being totally independent, the director Florie Berrehar has gradually surrounded herself with a team of volunteers to help her expand the project. They joined her in the adventure because they shared her desire to contribute to transforming education.


What are the funds for?



Our ambition is to expand the life of this film beyond cinemas and screens. We want to reach a very wide audience and make this documentary become a real tool for conversation: a tool to feed the international debates on education, but also an introspective tool so that everyone can question their own definition of "school", of "childhood", to question their way of life, definition of happiness, of success...


with Paula in the Jerte Valley - Spain


To achieve this goal, we want the film to be released:

+ first in major international documentary festivals

+ then VOD accessdirectly via the website

+ in cinemas around the world

+ in your companies, conferences, schools, associations, events... to share our thoughts, our doubts and our dreams and our ideas to reshape the school of tomorrow.




This film is the result oftwo years of work for the director, Florie Berrehar. She has so far financed the travels to the 4 countries, accommodation, equipment etc. Every volunteer who decided to join the team and the adventure have also given their time, loaned their gears, offered to host the team, facilitate travels... The making of this film has represented a big investment to all of us. Today we still need 30,000 euros to finish the movie (via Ulule, and also via sponsorship and partnerships).

With you, on Ulule, we would like to reach 20,000 euros. To secure the budget, we have indicated 10,000 euros, because if we do not reach the goal mentioned at the top of that page, we won't receive nothing from your generous donations (and in that case Ulule would entirely refund all of you).



Thank you for joining us now, for taking part in this adventure and for talking about it with the same enthusiasm as we do!


with Hil's family in England




10 000 EUROS: Thank you and congratulations to all, the crowdfunding is validated by Ulule and we can finish the shooting and hire a documentary editor for editing.


15 000 EUROS: THANK YOU !!! Not only can we hire professionals to finish the film, but we can also pay the music rights and finance the broadcast of the film on the internet (VOD)!


20 000 EUROS: FANTASTIC! We can relate on professionals for the musical composition and create an original soundtrack for the film, refine the editing, create a real masterpiece that we can proudly broadcast in festivals, cinemas, internationnally...reach a really wide public and have a real impact!


Region of Chartre, France




To thank you for supporting us, but also to help us spread the message, our partners have accepted to offer you some rewards. We have imagined together with them counterparties that will allow you to follow up the experience of the film in your daily life: immersions in schools to LIVE the experience of a self-directed education, conferences, trainings, workshops using innovative pedagogies, think-tanks, etc. Many of these counterparties have been tailor-made by our generous supporters, just for you!


If you do not want any counterparties, it's very simple, just check the corresponding box (at the bottom).


In any case, your name will appear in the credits and on the film's website to indicate that it is also thanks to you that the project could come to life!


Together we can make this film a powerful tool to inspire the world!

About the project owner

Province of Córdoba - Argentina


Two years ago, I heard for the first time the expression "democratic schooling". Immediately intrigued, I decided to investigate the issue. Book after book, film after film, I become more and more convinced that a truth was hidden somewhere behind this anarchist-looking model.


Is "school" -as we commonly define it- a necessary part of every child's life? And on the other hand... can we really give children the responsibility for their own education? Wouldn't they spend all their time playing, unconsciously depriving themselves from fundamental instruction? What kind of adult will they become, if we do not impose on them any sort of learning?


The speakers and the talks given by the founders of these schools almost convinced me... The studies conducted by these schools only displayed figures that reflected the good social and professional integration of their former students.


But despite everything, I couldn't help myself but doubt


So I decided to see it with my own eyes: only reality could offer me answers. I packed my bag and went to meet these schools and their students.


Once I arrived there, I received a real shock. Well, various shocks. On the one hand, I could see all these children really happy to go to school, curious, impressively eloquents and mature. I discovered places of life breathing benevolence and joy.


But on the other hand, my doubts kept coming back to my mind. Especially one, more tenacious than the others: how much could we let these children (sometimes very young) freely use their screens without time constraint nor adult supervision?


Then I met Leonard, 8 and a half years old, who confessed to me that he was sometimes really afraid to "end up being homeless". His words were really shocking to me: "I might be too stupid to ever get a job, you know... I don't know nothing...". Was it really a fear that a child could have? Or was it the external pressure of adults around him that made him think that way?


That's when I decided to make a movie. A film that would answer all these questions, as sincerely as possible. A film that could offer every Leonards and every parent... four answers.

After a year of research and documentation, I started the filming in March 2018 in the province of Alicante in Spain. Then went to Colchester in July, Argentina in October and finally to Chartres in December.


Today, we need your support to finish this film. Let's contribute together to bringing solutions for education, to promoting a global thinking about the role of school, about cooperation, career paths, and on the different journeys that lead to happiness..!


Don't forget to spread the word around you: we will need all your energies to finish this movie!


Thank you in advance for your support !




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