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Alien Frontiers: Aurora

Do you have what it takes to conquer a new world?

Update #10: New support level: Data Crystal


I updated the project a few days ago with a new support level. It is called Data Crystal and it is a support level specifically created for the happy owners of the English version, who'd like to have a new, fully translated set of Alien Tech cards. By supporting Alien Frontiers: Aurora at this level, you will get the following:

  1. All the alien tech cards in one language
  2. One "I play pink" pack (6 dice, 9 colonies and 1 rocket - all in pink) and one "I play grey" pack: 6 dice, 9 colonies and 1 rocket - all in grey!
  3. 50 high-quality card protectors
  4. Alien Frontiers for iPad
  5. The exclusive Space Crane alien tech card in all of the project's languages.
  6. 6 months of free access to the online version of Alien Frontiers on the mirthworks.com website.
  7. Immediate access to the beta version.
  8. Your name in the rule book and on the game's website
  9. Access to supporters'-only updates and downloads
  10. Access to a free download of the Aurora teaser musical theme
  11. The Art of Alien Frontiers PDF

You can also add 15 euro to receive the Alien Frontiers Upgrade Pack .

Data Crystal

Thank you for supporting the Aurora project,

Piotr Burzykowski