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Adopt a Theatre

OperaExtravaganza rekindles the spirit of an Italian historic theatre

About the project

OperaExtravaganza is going to revive a historic theatre by bundling expertise and enthusiasm of musicians, music lovers, art historians, multimedia experts, architects and people who simply love Italian life and culture. The core of the project is classical music with a particular emphasis on opera.  

Italy is the natural homeland of opera houses but its historic theatres are often forgotten. There are more than 800 of them, ranging from the oldest, the Olimpico of Vicenza, which  dates back to 1585, to those of the early 1900 in Liberty style,  from the smallest theatre in the world in Monte Castello di Vibio to La Scala in Milan. The vast majority are really small and masterpieces of architecture. It is very unfortunate that this incredible wealth of small historical theatres is lingering. OperaExtravaganza has designed a project to bring back to life some of these little gems with a programme of first class music. The initial choice regards teatro Francesco Torti of Bevagna.

Supporters of the project can be present at selection of the events worldwide through streaming!

This is our 2015 programme for the Torti theatre of Bevagna:

1. May 22nd - La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

2. July 4th - Gala Gran salotto del Belcanto (in streaming)

3. September 12th – Piano recital with pianos of three eras (in streaming)

4. November 21st Intermezzo opera “La Dirindina” by Domenico Scarlatti 
and The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi (in streaming)

5. New Years Eve with Operetta “Die Fledermaus” by Johann Strauss Jr. 


What are the funds for?

With your donation OperaExtravaganza will be able to guarantee the start of the project and finance the staging of the 2015 programme. Of course the concerts are open to the public so we will receive funds from ticket sales, but we need extra financing especially to put the events in high quality streaming. Like this we will create a bond between what happens in Bevagna at the Teatro Torti and you who can be anywhere in the world. Another very important aspect is that we intend to accompany the events in streaming with documentaries, interviews with the artists, backstage filming and other material which will give you an in-depth understanding. We also would like to create a bond between you and incredibly charming places like Bevagna in the heart of Umbria and the famous Sagrantino wine area.

here are some figures of the costs that would be covered by your contribution:

La Traviata (out of a total budget of 5000 euro) 

2000 euro: for an orchestra of 12 musicians and the conductor

Gran Gala di Belcanto (out of a total budget of 4000 euro)

1000 euro: for production of sound and images

1500 euro: soloist of international fame (Soprano, Tenor, Bass)

Piano Recital with pianos of three different eras (out of a total budget of 4000 euro)

1000 euro for production of sound and images

La Dirindina (out of a total budget of 7500 euro)

1200 euro: for production of sound and images 

1800 euro; string ensemble plus harpsicord

500 euro: stage design

The rest of the budget is expected to be covered by ticket sales.

About the project owner

The music association OperaExtravaganza has ten years of international experience in creating and managing music events especially in the field of opera and chamber music. It has staged with success operas such as La Traviata, Tosca and the operetta The Bat. Its members include around 150 mainly European artists and more than 400 ordinary members.  In addition it organizes regularly exclusive house concerts and operatic shows.

Here is the team behind the project:

Susanna Ohtonen, director of OperaExtravaganza

Susanna is a Finnish soprano singer and music teacher, living and working in Italy. She is one of the founders of OperaExtravaganza and currently the director of its board of administration. 

fb Susanna Ohtonen 

Luigi De Filippi, artistic director

Luigi is an internationally-renowned violinist and orchestra conductor. He also teaches at the music academy of Cosenza and gives regularly masterclasses.  

Meet our artistic director on 


fb Luigi De Filippi

Rudolph Hupperts, general coordinator

Rudolph is a lawyer working for the Rome-based Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. He is married to Susanna and is the co-founder of OperaExtravaganza and member of its board of administration.

Monica Sanfilippo, musicologist 

Monica is founder and director of the music association Il Tritono. She is also a violist and member of board of administration of OperaExtravaganza.

Isabel Pascolo, stage designer 

Isabel is an Austrian artist who studied visual arts at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Paola Ovidi, costume designer

Paola is a former teacher, who has a long history of organizing events in Vetralla, the homeplace of OperaExtravaganza.  She is a member of its board of administration. Paola designes and makes costumes for theatre and opera events. 

for more information on OperaExtravaganza and its activities, please visit:


fb OperaExtravaganza