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Ackboo. New Album. June 2018

Become Producer of Ackboo's new album !

  • We made it !!!

    My friends what just happened is just CRAZY: We had just exceeded 60% when PATATE RECORDS called me to offer me to support the project! So happy to collaborate with a real warrior like him.

    We did it. We made it. Finally !!! The adventure will begin and you will soon hear some music! For those who want to participate, it's still possible til Sunday


  • J-7

    Bonjour les ami.e.s !

    Nous entrons dans la dernière ligne droite du projet, il nous reste quelques jours pour convaincre un maximum de monde !

    Les 100% sont à portée de main !!! 

    Pour donner un dernier coup de boost, relayez aujourd'hui le projet sur vos réseaux sociaux.

    Il va falloir réveiller tous les procrastinateurs et tous ceux qui attendaient la dernière minute pour soutenir le projet !

    On va y arriver !



  • Here they are : 50% !!!

    Pharaoh! That's the title of my 3rd album. As a tribute to my Egyptian roots. And I'm referring to my origins in this project because it's the most personal I've ever composed. The songs will reflect all my influences and everything I love in music. It is also for that reason that I have launched a crowdfunding to release it: it is thanks to you my friends that I had the chance to be able to express myself on stages and records all these years. Euros 10,000 is a big amount And we have reached half in just 15 days! It made me so happy. There are still 11 days left, and even if we don't manage to make it, I won't regret anything, because I've received tons of support messages that I will never forget. So THANK YOU

  • (Presque) 40%. Objectif : 50% jeudi !

    On est ensemble ! Objectif : 50% jeudi !

    Je profite de cette news pour vous annoncer que le chanteur suédos Dan I Locks, vient de terminer d'enregistrer sa voix sur une instru qui figurera sur l'album ... Et c'est du LOURD ! Hâte de vous faire écouter ce nouveau titre !



  • 3000....3000!!!

    Crazy stuff, we reached 30% so quickly, it's INCREDIBLE!

    Friends, THANK YOU for all your messages and support. You can not imagine how much your words touched me.

    We will arrive at 100% if we all get together: if each one of you manages to motivate 4 people, we will make it happen!