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First album : Abenn

Our very first 5 tracks album

About the project


We are Lorane and Ben and our name is Abenn. We are french young musicians and students and we're uploading regulary on YouTube. We are both 17, we're both passionate by music and we both want to become musicians.


We want to share with you original songs and we want to start our adventure in the music industry. Our EP will be composed by 5 tracks, all really different from each other. But, through our album, we wanna tell a story that will give a sense to it.

Our album will be available on Spotify, Itunes, and other platforms but also in a CD version. We also planed to upload 2 or 3 clips on YouTube.


Auto Production

We will produce our album ourselves from the beginning to the end.

What are the funds for?

200€ is not enough to produce an album, it would allow us to pay the disk and the taxes. We would pay the rest.

If we receive more donations than expected, we will put this money in the production to make our album even better !

About the project owner

Look at the video at the top of the page. ;)