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To see and eat - Exhibition

A design exhibition that makes you hungry

About the project

"Toseeandeat "it is firstlythe desireto sharewithyouan exhibition ofmyphotos andfilmsonthethemeof"food".

Both"greedy"for the eyesandfunfor themind,Iwanted tomake thisexhibitiona momentofhumor,reflection and friendshiparoundacommon andintimatetopicfor everyone.

After3photo exhibitionsinParisin placeslikearestaurantand abookstore,Ihopewith yoursupporttoa achieve newgreaterexhibitmixingpicturesandmovies.Myaimisalsoto findaplacein Paris.( Donothesitatetocontact meto offer mea place )

WhenI wasyoung,mymotheralwaystoldmenot toplaywithfood, butit's strongerthanme...

Moreseriously,foodis everywhereandcharacterizesoursocietyof hyperconsumption.Also, Ihave alwaysfoundthatbeyondits "nutritious" value,foodsarealso very"aesthetic. "Looking at themclosely,theyarebeautiful"design"ond even"moving" objects.Butabove alltheyareclosetopeople andit ismainlythis latter aspect thatencourages meto dothemainelementsforsomeofmypicturesormovies.My humourisa sortofsnub, a funny take on onthe foodin our"refrigerator"thatwe thought we knew.

Maman ? - Alexandre DUBOSC

Competence photo - Alexandre DUBOSC

What are the funds for?

Havingalreadyfinancedalarge partof theArtsdraws(Baryta or Ilford )supporters will be mainly financing:


Sideline Fine Artsfor the exhibition(Baryta or Ilford)

• Rentavideoprojectororflat screen


• Renta possibleplace

theopening(for drinks and nibbles)

miscellaneous expenses:DVD forthesupporters,postal costs for the reproductions,DVDs,posters, cards...

Bal-lait - Alexandre DUBOSC

About the project owner

A graduate fromtheanimation school SupInfoCom  with a Master of Art , Iworkedforseveralyearsinspecialeffects companiessuchasParisianMac Guff Ligne .Fascinatedbydirectingandshort films,I alternatebetweenpicturesandmovies,still and animated images.




My web site ====)

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My gallery Films

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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