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A love project

a dream come true

About the project

It has always been my dream to establish my own furniture brand, which is why I founded Loïc Willemot Design Studio three years ago. The last three years have been highly intense: we attended our first trade fair, launched our first products and contacted our first stores. Now is the right time to grow, and expanding our collection is the way to do it. One project is to design our first table and chair. We want to develop our brand at home and abroad by contacting new stores and distributors. To take our dream to the next level, we have decided to launch our crowdfunding project titled 'A love project'. The title expresses the huge passion and love we have for our dream each and every day – a love of working with furniture and other objects.

What are the funds for?

The amount we collect will be used to develop and expand our brand. We want to introduce a number of new products in the market, including our first table and chair. We want to build up a limited amount of stock that will enable us to bring down the cost price for the end consumer. Some of the money will be used to facilitate further growth.

You can take a look at the table and chair we want to make below :-)

A solid oak chair; brushed to bring out the grain in the wood.

A solid ash table; brushed to bring out the grain in the wood.

Here are the rewards you can choose from:

A set of 4 metal coasters;

A silky-smooth cotton pillow case with a degradé (gradual shading) print.                       

A set of 3 metal tea lights in 3 different sizes...

they are also available in copper.... :-)

A handmade bowl made from recycled glass

An oak serving tray with a dark glass board

A lighting fixture in 3 different sizes

A stainless steel laser-cut candlestick

A set of 3 coffee tables

A 'rakka' rack

A set of 4 vases, slightly contorted :-)

About the project owner

Loïc Willemot Design Studio found its origins in a lifelong passion for textiles, furniture and design, and is fuelled by an environment brimming with creative minds. Inspired by studies in interior architecture (School of the Arts), textile design (Provincial Technical Institute Kortrijk) and furniture design (VOMO), the studio's aim is to take the different aspects of design and integrate them into one single philosophy.

The focus is clear:

Minimalist with an eye for detail and quality. Less is more.
Natural materials and high-end metals with a good price/quality ratio. Loïc Willemot Design Studio customers receive value for money.
The studio focuses on the design's functionality. The design's creative nature is appreciated without losing sight of the every day household requirements. When you buy a vase created at Loïc Willemot Design Studio, you are getting a vessel that can actually hold flowers. Functionality is never sacrificed for the sake of creativity. And the same applies the other way around.

No run-of-the-mill

The collections by Loïc Willemot Design Studio are all based on three key pillars:

        1. Modular furniture design.

It is important for furniture to be modular, as it means a piece can be used in different ways, expanded with minimal effort, or even adapted to take on a different look entirely.

Loïc Willemot Design Studio is wholeheartedly committed to sustainability and reuse of existing high-quality products. This is a unique, much-needed approach in our throw-away society.

        2. Use of overlooked materials

Belgian homes are already packed to the rafters with oak. That's why we decided to work with overlooked materials as much as possible, including OSB, plywood, sandblasted ash, corroded metal, and so on. For Loïc Willemot Design Studio, playing safe is not an option. Instead, the focus lies more and more on innovation, surprise and continuing to reinvent ourselves.

        3. Harnessing the creativity of people.

Where possible, the studio strives to give its customers room to flex their creative muscle. Modular furniture gives customers the chance to take on the role of designer in their own right and, in doing so, meet their own individual needs and wishes.