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'A Journey In The Bush'

What if we could give a voice to animals?


    A Journey In The Bush is entering a new cycle as we are happy to welcome our producer Stéphanie Vannier!
    Patouch Films, will from now on, lead our project towards its greatest potential.

    Fresh ideas and perspectives are emerging, the project is entering a new development process. We will focus on preparing the film production dossier for the purpose of its distribution. Therefore, we will be present on social media in a different way.

    Let ourselves go with the flow and welcome for this new decade, an abundant and unlimited amount of light in our hearts, in order to walk towards a new era of peaceful coexistence.





    « In the beginning, there was a vision. The vision created the dream. Finally, the dream was born with this Journey »

    So much had happened in such a quick time! When we look back, it’s been crazy, so wonderful, so rich, so fulfilling, so soul-lifting.

    In November 2018, the very first glimpses of ideas about making a journey happen are born. Sylvie, Tippi, and Marie sit together and rumble some ideas about South Africa, bush-walks, meeting with elephants, playing music, living and filming an immersive experience.

    December 2018, the Parallells boys and Joep Mencke get on board. The idea evolves and becomes a shape. They add colorful notes to the project and we decide to follow our intuitions and do it!

    Between January and March, the concept evolves, elephants take naturally a bigger space in the project, showing us the way. The team grows, Océane & Guillem jump on board too, along with our remote animal communicators, willing to help us communicate with the animals at a distance when on the field. We start preparing our journey, jumping radically into the Unknown.

    A Journey In The Bush will be an out of category film. We want it true, authentic, full of emotions and sound vibrations, full of natural and simple yet intense sensations. We want to create a film that aims to reconnect Humans to Nature and open one of the doors of inter-species communication.

    Early April, we book our plane tickets. It’s getting real… although we don’t quite believe it yet.

    Mid-April, we fly to South Africa, first connecting with amazing humans in the Karoo desert at Afrika Burn. At our camp, Ubhulanti, we present our project and it is fully validated and enthusiastically supported by those persons. They are the first ones who comforts us that we are on the right path.

    Early May, we launch a crowdfunding campaign and you guys blew the house! We got so much trust, love, and support. We could not be more grateful.

    The two weeks of shooting went so fast. Nature, elephants, the human beings we met abundantly gifted us with deep encounters and realizations. It was also challenging in some ways, but the precious energy of our group helped us overcome all kinds of difficulties.

    In the bush, we collected footages, sounds-recordings, testimonies, lifetime memories, tons of love. We let our emotional print, a positive one, we let our conscious vibe float around trees, plants, insects, animals to let them know we understood a little bit of them, we understood how interconnected we are and so much more. We will do our part, at our level.

    There is definitely a before and an after. A journey of a lifetime that lifted us on a wave of self-transformation. We followed the signs Elephants were putting on our way, trusting the process all along, nurturing a collective energy and sharing it with you the best we could do.

    What we experienced, you can experience.

    We humbly hope this film we are producing will touch your heart, turning the planted seeds into a beautiful flower, vibrating her full energy and conscious of her environment.

    In 2020, we will come up with fresh news regarding the project, the rewards we owe to some of our Ulule benefactors and in the meantime, we wish a joyful and kind-hearted end of the year celebrations.

    Thank you. We love you.





    Photo credit: Joep Mencke

  • A Journey In The Bush in writing mode 🎥🗓✒️

    Dear contributors,

    It' s been a while since you have not heard from us. We are very sorry about that. Modern life is pretty hectic and we all have so much to do with our personal & professional lives + A Journey In The Bush, our out-of-category artistic film that is still in production. 🎥🗓✒️

    We realize than stepping out of the known path and talking about inter-species communication is challenging yet incredible! That's why we take the time to think, look back, go deeper, feel what is right to share and how.

    Writing the film is one very important part, and unlike the classic way of writing a scenario, we could not write it in advance, not knowing what to expect when encountering wild animals and especially elephants.

    Like this tree, subtly decomposing itself to become the soil of our Earth again, we need to take down all of our images, testimonies, sounds, ideas, and the deepest thoughts in order to bring them to life in a new shape, expressing the core energy of this journey. It’s an alchemist natural process that takes time. Nature teaches us patience so we need to do the same.

    Keep following us & sharing the project around you, we will come up soon with more information & reflection on what we experienced ❤ 

    If you know people around you who would like to support the project as you did, donations are still possible in this crowdfunding link: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/the-animal-alliance-channel/collectes/a-journey-in-the-bush

    Thank you for trusting us.
    Photo credit: Joep Mencke


    Summer is flying, and you have not heard from us a lot lately. This is only because we are full-on into action, gathering material, doing selections, writing the story we want to share with you, clarifying our intentions, the way we are going to express animal's perspective and turn all of that into a unique and out-of-category artistic expression that will impact consciousness and serve the animal kingdom and reunite human and animal species.

    Take action with us and help us build a community around "A Journey In The Bush" by sharing the project around you, spread the word among your tribe, ask for financial contributions when you can, family, friends, connected people but also curators or foundations, to help us reach the final stages of our project financing. Here is the link: https://www.helloasso.com/associations/the-animal-alliance-channel/collectes/a-journey-in-the-bush


    "Rewards" wise, we also are going to send Tippi's books and offer animal communications soon! In order to do the posting, we need your postal addresses so go into your account and update your info! LAST CHANCE! ;-) For the non-physical rewards, it will have to wait a bit more ;-) Thank you for your patience and support! 

    Be with US, we are with YOU!
    Thank YOU. 🙏


    Photo credit: Joep Mencke

  • What about our rewards? We need your adresses!

    The campaign is finished since June 22 and you have not heard yet of your promised rewards?

    Don't worry we have not forgotten! ;-) So much to do with the movie and also our own life... You all know how it is :)

    We are planning on taking care of the rewards early September for those that can be sent, like the books as well as the animal communications and online training. For the other rewards, like the early link of the movie, the making off or the invitation to the Première, it will have to wait until it's all ready and organized. 


    In order to do this, we need you to fill out some info like :

    • Do you want the reward or not?
    • Your postal address
    • Your e-mail address


    The easiest way is to click on your profile on the top right of the Ulule page. Your list of contributions will be displayed. Click on the "A Journey In The Bush" one. You will find the detail of your contribution. There you can add/edit your info.


    You have until the 30th of August to update your info.From that day, we will download the new list of contributors with the updated info and it WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE to change this.

    Please, do it as soon as possible before you forget or are too busy enjoying your holidays ;-)

    AGAIN, A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you, who showed love and support to this project which is also yours.

    The Bush Team.