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Il Film

About the project

"A.", a short film by Antonio Conte co-written with Kevin Scauri and Cris Pellecchia. 
Besides being a business card for the world of work, the film is going to be the main subject of director's graduation thesis. So it's going to be produced in any case.

A. has the presumption of being different from any other boys. His accelerated and disconnected thoughts make him upset and lead him to a vortex made up of conflicting voices, that put him to the test constantly. For these reasons, he is going to think about his past and analyze the present, consisting of loneliness.

Each of us lives a different story, but behind it there's something binding us. A. is the journey into the "absurd" of a young man, that will take us wandering through emotions and reflections contaminated by the acceleration of communications/relationships, daily forgotten or neglected.


To ensure a result in line with expectations, the funds will be used to hire the audio / video equipment. The intent is to use, as well as an EOS 5D and a GH2 (owned by the crew), a slow-motion camera, which must be rented. The funds will then be used to repay the cost of materials, the crew and collaborators during the shooting.

The goal is not only to produce the film or take my degree. Or to thrill you during its vision. Not even to grow up in the working and artistic field. The passion is in it. The gol is even to observe her ahead of my eyes while the film is flowing ahead of hers. The real, deep driving force, is Love.


What are the funds for?

#Why should I help you?#
Your support is very important, fundamental.
Young people are not very supported in this historical period, in particular in a Country like mine; the project to exist, to be on the height of our (and your) expectations needs a vivid and economic support.

Besides being a film about the young people’s society, the youthful disease, is above all, a love story. A concrete love for finding the social conscience, a love for the stories, a love for life.

Still now, in pre-production phase, we are looking for some sponsor to realize the film with a company of actors and collaborators to the height of it.
Your donations will be mainly devoted to the simple rental of a “Sony Fs-700 SUPER SLOW” with an operator. As a film’s scene has been conceived in slow motion, we need this professional camera.

If we overcame the goal, we HOPE IT, we could count on a proper soundtrack and perhaps on a professional equipment (without praying the sponsors! :D)
For the rest, as the film, I repeat, must be realized, my grand-mother will be the main producer (and your rewards will be gently offered by her).
So, do we really want a sweet oldie to squander all her pension? 

About the project owner

Author and director of the short film.
Graduated in “New Media Art”, and currently at the last year of the specialistic degree. Impassioned of stories and images, driven by a deep critical interest about relationships and society.
He collaborates since 2009 to 2014 with “Mediaintegrati” (group of polispecialized artists), realizing some works:

  1. Insert Scorie (2009/10)
  2. Uomo 2.0     (2010/2011)
  3. Festival del Bacio   (2012)
  4. Festival del Bacio -Meglio insieme-  (2013)
  5. Festival del Bacio -#cuoredinapoli-   (2014)

​He realizes in 2011, with Francesco Paolo Mollo and Paolo della Puca, “All I need”, (unofficial video).

In 2012 he realizes, with Letizia PF, Pedro Pinto and Francesco Goscè “Telecontrol me”, a videoclip/study about the television’s effects on the people. 

In 2013/14 he thinks and produces “The Great Beauty”, a “fake documentary” about the idea of Woman in the society, inspired not only by our uses and customs, but even by Mcluhan studies, through the philosophy of Shopenauer, Platone and Aristotele.
(Trailer Here)​

You can watch my other videos here:

Mediaintegrati (video) channel here:


If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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