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9 years old

An accident plunges Valentine in his history. But he soon realized that the memories of his father disappeared.

About the project

Hi everyone, 

here is a project I'm working on since one year. This is my second short film, (12 minutes) on the theme of childhood and memory. 

The synopsis is as follows: 

An accident plunges Valentine in his history. But he soon realized that the memories of his father disappeared.

I want so much to reveal to you the whole story, all I'll tell, all I want to put into ... But it would really spoil you any surprises. 

This is a "fantastic" film, a bit dreamy sometimes. Valentin is a young man a little lonely, a little lost. In fact it is as if something was hidden in his childhood, a memory he could not remember, his father. So Valentin will start a quest. A search in his own memories. 


Some information ...

Pierre Robin will play the role of Valentin. He plays since He was a child. I had the opportunity to film him but did not really enjoy his talent. Today, I am looking forward to filming this new movie with him and direct him really this time.


I'll let you know as soon as I have more information on the rest of the cast. This will happen at the end of June.


Music is very important to ensure the ambience of a movie. Today I am happy to work with this very talented Canadian composer : Vincent L. Pratte.

Le compositeur

His latest project is the music of Treibende Der Fischer.


Technical team:

The technical team is also being recruited.

For now I can confirm the presence of Guillaume Ader, as Director of Photography. He is a young video artist / filmmaker that I repeatedly had the opportunity to see work and for me and it is a pledge of good communication on the set and a beautiful image.

What are the funds for?

It is an ambitious project that I want to lead. But for that I need your support. It's a big project, and even if I have the opportunity to find passionate people who accept to give me a bit of their free time and many of their skills, not everything will be free.

I managed to get some equipment for free, but there are still to pay:

  • lens renting
  • Lights
  • Renting a dolly and possibly a crane for a half day of shooting.

There are also costumes, accessories and decoration. There are several dream sequences...


The technical challenge with this project is to film with Panasonic GH2 (see my demo reel or for more info). We want to participate in the current independent film revolution. This camera is very compact and cheap, ans makes possible to reduce production costs while maintaining a pristine image quality. Certain sequences of BlackSwan, and some episodes of House M.D. have been filmed with such camera, to give you an idea.


And then there are the volunteers who will work on this project.They accept to work for free, but we welcome them, feed them,house them.

Film with children is not easy and we are followed by "management of childhood" for the entire shoot. These procedures have a cost.

About the project owner

My first short film, produced in 2005 was called (V)ivre. It won the City prize and the Best Editing prize at the Ciné En Herbe Short film (Montluçon France) in April 2005.


Since, I have worked a lot on films, I was location manager, gaffer, and independent filmmaker, I even resumed my studies in 2009 to become a film editor.


  To tell you a little idea of my film, I would say that I fell in love with movies when I was 10 watching Blade Runner. After that, became a fan of Sci-fi films, especially fantasy. I am in defense of the sci-fi film in France and short film and I think the two go very well together.

My Demo Reel:




If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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