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80 Jours Japon

Documentary serie on Japanese craftsmanship.

About the project


In 40 years, more than 60% of Japanese artisans have disappeared.
During 3 months, we will go to meet these last masters, craftsmen and artists representing the Japanese culture to make documentaries about them.

The centuries-old knowledge of traditional craftsmen is slowly disappearing, for the benefit of large companies that produce a lot, fast and cheap. In Japan, traditional artists need decades of practice, artists and artisans are considered craftsmen.

What can we do to help them and prevent their disappearance?
We must make these people and their work visible and accessible to the greatest number. While discussing with them, we realize that the same problem often comes up: they would like to make themselves known and sell abroad but do not know how to do it. They master ancestral skills but they lack on marketing knowledge.

By making documentaries about Japanese artisans, for the French-speaking public, we want to open them doors to the French market. Our goal is that, through our project, more people are interested in their products and their culture. It is for these reasons that we chose to publish our documentaries on Youtube, the platform being free and public.


We will go on a road trip with a van, in which we will live for 3 months, to meet Japanese craftsmen. For all the details, you can watch the video presentation below (no English subtitles yet):

1. A series of 12 Documentaries: "80 Days Japan"
During these 3 months, we will shoot documentaries and publish around 1 per week. We will also post vlogs showing behind the scenes of filming, our daily lives and the landscapes of Japan. We will also be posting on Instagram continuously: @80JoursJapon & @imRodolphe & @AmuAmy

2. A road trip movie: "Around Japan in 80 days".
At the end of this 80 days road trip, we will make a 40 minute documentary film. It will focus on our alternative choice to visit Japan with a van, our couple, the people met and the landscapes seen. Unlike the documentaries, this film will only be viewable at one of our screenings.

3. A photo book: "80 Days Japan, the travel diary"
More intimate, the travel diary will tell our journey, with our two points of view, day after day. Amandine and Rodolphe will take analog photography, write their feelings of the day and collect souvenirs such as words written by artisans, receipts, origami or a drawing made by a mangaka met in a café (it has already happened twice!).

What are the funds for?

5 months ago, we started preparing for this trip. We saved money, sent dozens of mails and spent days organizing the journey. Now, we need your support to bring these documentaries to life!

To us, you are part of this journey.
That's why we are offering real rewards, some of which we will send you during this road trip accross Japan. Ulule is for us a way to raise the last funds needed to make this adventure a project that will change our lives and those of all the persons who are part of it.


1. Your name or pseudo on the film's and book's credits

2. Photographs of Japan: postcards, A6, 350 g / m2
We will print 5 photos taken by Rodolphe. We will do an Instagram poll at the end of the trip to find out which ones you prefer.
 - Shipping: July 2019

3. Photographs of Japan: A4 poster, 300 g / m2, pearlescent shine, double-sided
We will print 5 photos taken by Rodolphe. We will do an Instagram survey at the end of the trip to find out which ones you prefer. The posters are double-sided, so you will receive "4 photos".
- Shipping: July 2019

4. Postcards sent from Japan: "Hello, from Amandine and Rodolphe!"
We will send you a postcard from Japan, with a message written by both of us on the back.
- Shipping: April 2019

5. Invitation to the private screening of our film: "Around Japan in 80 days"
The screening will be in Paris in September. It will then be followed by a meeting, to discuss while sipping some matcha latte or a chamomile. We will talk about the film, our documentaries, travel and life in general.
We also want to organise screening in the south of France, Belgium and Switzerland. Contact us on Instagram if you can make it possible!
- Shipping: July 2019
- Screening: September 2019

6. 2020 calendar: 13 photos taken during the road trip
2020 calendar, designed by Amandine, made of 13 photos taken during the road trip. A4 format, metal rings with wall hook.
- Shipping: July 2019

7. Photo book: 80 days Japan, the travel diary
As mentioned above, the travel diary will tell our adventures, with both our points of view, day after day. Format 20 × 25 cm, flexible cover with about 160 pages.
- Shipping: August 2019

8. Postcards from each prefecture, sent throughout the trip
"Hi there, it's Amandine and Rodolphe, again.
And yes, you'll find us every week in your mailbox! "

We will send you a postcard from each prefecture through which we pass during the trip, each time with messages written by us. For now, we plan to cross around 20 prefectures, which is a little more than one postcard per week to receive in your mailbox!
- Shipping: Every week from April to June

9. Photo shoot by Rodolphe, close to your home.
Do you live in metropolitan France, Belgium, Switzerland or Luxembourg? Rodolphe will come to shoot your portrait !
- Date to be defined according to your and our availability, during the months of August and September 2019. 

About the project owner

Nice to meet you !
Our names are Amandine and Rodolphe. We are a french couple who have lived in Japan for about 3 years. We met at work in Tokyo, and since then we are always together. We have a similar vision of life: we love to travel, the hippie lifestyle and traditional cultures. Our skills are complimentary, Amandine is great at organisation and communication, while Rodolphe creates awesome videos. So naturally the idea of ​​making a project together appeared.

On April 2nd, 2019, we go on a road trip accross Japan to make documentaries on traditional Japanese culture and craftsmanship, destined for French speakers. They will be available to all for free on Youtube.

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