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7 minutes

Ricky Mastro's first feature film.

About the project

Obrigado!!! Merci !!! Thank you!!!!

I would like to thank you every single one of you who supported the crowdfunding for my first feature film 7 minutes.

We got 160% of our inicial goal thanks to you.

Once again, thank you!

Thank you! We got here thanks to you.

We still have 1 day to finish our campaign, and we are looking forward to making an awesome movie.

Our second goal is 5000€.

This amount will let us: Make better decorations in our club BISOU, and invest more in the costumes for our characters.

Art direction is a key element to make a great movie.

Please, keep promoting the project among your friends. I count on you to make this movie happen.

To celebrate our first goal, we invited Léon Diana to make a video for us!

Enjoy! Thank you.


The film is set in Toulouse and tells the story of Jean, a 55-year-old policeman who receives a message from his son Maxime asking him to meet at a hotel. Arriving at the hotel room Jean sees Maxime and his boyfriend lifeless, hanging from the ceiling. The autopsy showed that Maxime had a GHB overdose 7 minutes after his boyfriend. During the vigil organized by his son's friends, Jean discovers that he was a frequent customer of a club called Bisou. There, he meets Fabien who sees in Jean traits that resemble Maxime. Searching for information on his son’s death Jean shows up several times in the evening at the club. The regulars quickly adopt him. As Fabien is becoming interested in Jean, the father starts to mix the feelings of mourning with the desire to discover his son’s universe. The two men begin a relationship, until Jean discovers that Fabien was the GHB dealer who sold the drug that led Maxime to death.

Visual concept

I'd like to create for BISOU club - inspired by the nightclubs of the 90's - a cozy environment where the regulars feel at home and safe. An environment filled with brightness and colors that would surround the bodies, and the place as a sacred space. I want to film the energy and the intensity, the need that exists of in this youth to live intensely the present moment. To emphasize this idea, I would like to represent in images the outside world as a cold and uninhabitable place, a hard and oppressive reality. 

Director's intention note

The nightlife attracted me, but I saw a lot of people around me to start to use drugs. However, two boys caught my attention: they were gorgeous, and they used GHB. One night, one of them suffered an overdose and died at the side of his boyfriend. A disturbing story for the boy's father who found him dead. My goal is to know what motivates these young people to close themselves, absorbed by music, in these black boxes, on a stage with lots of traps and prisons of human passions. How can a father understand the loss of a child to this artificial paradise?


“Alone” from Offer Nissim will be in the original soundtrack of the movie.

What are the funds for?

We have already received a fund from the University Jean Jaures FSDIE that will pay a part of our budget.

We need your help to fulfill our 3000 € goal! 

3000€ :

40% Original soundtrack
30% Decoration from Bisou
12% 2 HD of 3 To
10% Rewards
8%   Ulule’s commission

About the project owner

To date, Ricky has written and directed 7 LGBT shorts films that were distributed over 200 festivals around the globe. He worked for Real Ideas Studio from 2010 to 2013. In 2012, he created RECIFEST (Festival LGBTQI in Recife, Brazil).

He was part of the jury at the Queer Palm Cannes (2014), Image Out NY (2014), For Rainbow (Fortaleza 2014), Festival des Images aux Mots (Toulouse 2015) and Cinespana (2016).

He lives in Toulouse where he is getting his DURCA Degree (Diplôme Universitaire de Recherche et Création Audiovisuel) at École Supérieure d’Audiovisuel (ESAV).

He is in pre-production of his first feature film, 7 minutes, that got a grant (FSDIE – Fond de Solidarité et Développement des Initiatives Étudiantes) from the Université Jean Jauèrs. The movie will be shot in the first quarter of 2018.

Ricky is very active in LGBT festival circuit. He is the film programmer for DIGO (International Festival of Sexual and Gender Diversity in Goiás – Brazil).

For more

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If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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