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ArtBook realized by 64 international artists

About the project

136 full colored pages about the most old amazing game: sex.

This book is conceived to suggest you an artistically original vision about sex. Every author will illustrate one of the 64 sex positions to give you his authentic, personal, genuine and colorful interpretation of Kamasutra. 

The theme of 64 kamasutra ArtBook is artistic and not pornographic, however this publication is intended for an adult audience.

This project will be published in January 2014 by SQUAME, a Nonprofit Art Organization based in France.


LIST OF ARTISTS: Eleonora Antonioni - Bianca Bagnarelli - Margherita Barrera - Rubens Cantuni - Giulio Castagnaro - Daniele Catalli - Francesco Cattani - Lorenzo Ceccotti - Marco Corona - Alberto Corradi - Andrea Chronopoulos - Lilian Coquillaud - Darkam - Alessandra De Cristofaro - Dalia Del Bue - Mariachiara Di Giorgio - Martoz - Camilla Falsini - Alberto Fiocco - Manuele Fior - Elke Foltz - Albert Foolmoon - Ale Giorgini - Grapheart - Roberto Grossi - Céline Guichardr - Hellofreaks - Hitnes - Arnus Horribilis - Rafaël Houée - il Pistrice - Kichi - Loïc Locatelli -Luché - Dilraj Mann - Simone Massoni - Sarah Mazzetti -Mëgaboy - Millo - Maya Mihindou - Margherita Morotti - Most Lonely Boy -  MP5 - Marino Neri - Nicoz - Laura Nomisake - Nicolò Pellizzon - Stefano Pietramala - Gloria Pizzilli - Cristina Portolano - Irene Rinaldi - Alessandro Ripane - Thomas Rouzière - Cendrine Rovini - Sheepo - 
Soniaqq - Supersalmon - Tarmasz - Daniela Tieni - Giulia Tomai - Simone TsoLucio Villani - Viola von Hell - Flavio Zampaloni


What are the funds for?

The total estimated budget for the project is 2800 euros.
 Initially we would like to print 500 copies of the 64 Kamasutra ArtBook and some ArtPrint and Goodies to promote the work of international artists who are involved.

5€ = 5 postcards 10x15 cm printed in full color

8€= The 64 Kamasutra Artbook in digital version (PDF) + 3 postcards

17€  = 1 copy of the 64 Kamasutra Artbook printed and delivered + 3 postcards

35€  = 1 copy of the 64 Kamasutra Artbook printed and delivered + 3 postcards1 illustration [29x21 cm] printed in limited edition and signed by author.

50€ = 1 copy of the 64 Kamasutra Artbook printed and delivered + 5 postcards +  special pack SQUAME Fanzine with 6 issues. 

80€ =  Deluxe kit packaging : a special laser cut paper box by Figura/Sfondo + 1 copy of the 64 Kamasutra Artbook printed  with luxury paper cover + 5 postcards 1 illustration [29x21 cm] printed in limited edition and signed by author* 

150€ and more  = Deluxe kit packaging : a special laser cut paper box byFigura/Sfondo + 1 copy of the 64 Kamasutra Artbook printed  with luxury paper cover 5 postcards + 2 illustrations [29x21 cm] printed in limited edition and signed by author* + special pack SQUAME Fanzine with 6 issues. andour eternal gratitude :)  

* The limited edition print authors are: il Pistrice, Hellofreaks, Irene Rinaldi, Alessandra de Cristofaro,Lucio Villani (...) 

About the project owner

SQUAMEis an artistic association born to develop and promote international artists work through publishing and exhibitions.
Our associates take part in our projects in a total stylistic freedom while concentrated in common themes different for each publication.

All news and other informations on www.squame.net