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Operation 56K: Internet for Libya

Send old analog modems to Libya

About the project

We are launching Operation 56K: Internet for Libya in order to help restore an internet connection for the families and civilians in Misrata. We'll deliver them through a humanitarian mission.

The Objective: This is a first step to recover all the old 56K analog modems that we can find and send them to Libya to restore an internet connection. 

We have received almost 180 modems since the beginning of Operation 56K.

Thank you so much to everyone who has sent them by post, or who has dropped them off at Ulule or at the events.

Thank you also to Global Voices who translated the users' manuals into Arabic.

Now it is vital to raise the necessary funds to send these modems to Misrata. So don't hesitate to help Operation 56K by offering your financial support. Thanks again!


What struck me the most about the war in Libya is the total lack of communication. This plunges families into unbearably painful uncertainty, and the curel shortage of information completely disorganises the revolutionaries.

Of course there are bloggers, geeks and engineers in Libya who are capable of fiddling with an internet creation by getting around the total black-out imposed by Gaddafi's regime (even phone calls between the east and west aren't allowed). However, there aren't many of these bloggers and they're not on the front line: there aren't enough of them in Ajdabyia for the population to be sufficiently kept up to date, nor at Misrata to establish regular communications with Benghazi.

Sending these 56K modems to Libya could enable the reconstitution of a little internet network where there are currently only isolated connections. The more modems there are, the less danger the users will be put in.

The modems will first be sent to Misrata, as it's there that the battles are the most bloody.

From Misrata,they could be sent to other towns in the west like Zawiya or Tripoli, which are always under the dictator's heel and which we haven't received any news from for several weeks. We can't even begin to imagine the extent of the massacres which have been perpetrated there, according to certain witnesses.

To transport a modem complete with its users manual (translated into arabic) poses much less risk for the revolutionaries than sending an engineer to one of these towns in the hope of establishing an internet connexion.

This operation could enable Libyans to reconnect with each other, to reconnect the east with the west, and to facilitate this country's reconnexion with the rest of the world.


Technical Problems?

The anonymous community, contacted #OpLibya network for the operation, helps us to solve technical problems : USB, ISA plugin, data rate and buffers, to make the project technologically do-able.

How can you help?

As well as collecting the modems, we also need to create an illustrated manual to accompany each modem.

If you can help us to create this manual (in English or French), please contact us.
If you can help us to translate it into arabic, please please PLEASE contact us!

In collaboration with the sites and Chronic'Art.

Network, communication: Thierry Théolier from the Syndicat du Hype.



What are the funds for?

We need modems, as you know. We are going to organise more events in order to recuperate these modems. If you have some at home, at the back of the cupboard, now's the time to hand them over.

The list (dates and places) of these events will be constantly updated on the project. We invite you to consult the Project News.

If you can't make any of our events, please don't hesitate to send your modem by post to the Ulule headquarters:

ULULE - 24 rue de l'est, 75020 Paris.

About the project owner

This project is created by :

- Tristan Ranx, author of the novel " La cinquième saison du monde" (the fifth season of the World) . I write for Standard MagazineBordel magazine, Chronic'art, Technikart and I was the last "night columnist"  in the newspaper Libération (2009-2010), in a chronic initiated by Alain Pacadis.

I am involved in the Libyan cause. I have networks over there and I know that the revolutionaries need help to facilitate their situation. The internet is a perfect means for them to share information regarding the unstable situation, the future and the doubts about a civil war. All they need is a connexion...and a load of old machines that we stashed away in our cupboards years ago.

Help us to gather together these 56K modems, help us to send them, and help us to help them.

Thank you in advance.



If you still have an unanswered question, feel free to ask the project owner directly.

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