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A Survival Horror video game from the creator of the genre!

Some info...

In the previous news, we asked backers interested in a console version to send us an e-mail before March 10, 2017. We apologize for all those who sent their application after this deadline because unfortunately we cannot take it into account. If your request was made before March 10, 2017, please note that our publisher Bigben Interactive has already applied to Sony and Microsoft for the necessary download codes. So you should not wait any longer to receive yours... sorry for the delay.

For those who are demanding a Linux or Mac version, it's under discussion... But we will not be able to provide immediately such version. So, as we have proposed to the few people who complain about the DRM in the PC version, we offer you to ask for a refund of your contribution. But we will not be able to remove your name from the list of backers in the game...

To obtain a refund, send an email to, stating the reasons given. We are not a multinational, so your application may take some time to be processed. Thank you in advance for your understanding. (For now, we have only received one request!).

The production of 2Dark took more than two years, with a team of about ten people... Our mistake was to underestimate the scope  (and the budget) of our project. Indeed a crowdfunding campaign of 30,000 euros is a little light when we look at the full development budget today. But it really helped us and gave us the energy to continue!

For more than a year, Bigben Interactive has supported us, especially financially, which allowed us to finalize the project... And it must be admitted, without them, there would be no 2Dark. So yes, there is a setback to the medal: Gloomywood lost in independence. And we are no longer quite free to deal with our backers as we would have liked to do...

We just hope that those who do not feel "betrayed" will take pleasure in playing 2Dark on Steam, PS4 or Xbox! Voxels, pixels, serial killers and kids in distress are in line with what we promised you.

  • Paul-emmanuel LETT

    J'aurais été de ceux prêt à lâcher l'affaire parce que le jeu n'est pas sur linux, mais ce projet valait créativement la peine d'être soutenu.

    Si vous avez manqué de fonds, c'est que le projet vous paraissait plus important que sa viabilité. Personne ici ne vous a reproché d'être mauvais comptables, si Bigben Interactive peut vous fournir des excuses pour ne plus avoir à calculer le coût de vos projets c'est une opportunité.

    Les équipes de Gloomywood ont été soutenu pour leur créativité avant tout, donc ne perdez pas espoir et continuez de nous faire rêver, vous en avez les moyens.

  • Stephan KLEMENT

    Déja bravo pour votre projet :)
    Concernant le choix de la version, je vous ai notifié le 27 février de ma préférence pour la version PS4 mais j'ai reçu entre temps un code Steam. Est-ce normal?

  • Raphaël Calabro

    Quand vous dites, version Linux et Mac en discussion, ça veut dire qu'elles vont arriver plus tard ou qu'elles risquent de ne pas arriver du tout ? Ayant un Mac, je suis prêt à attendre mais j'aimerai bien être rassuré :/