A Survival Horror video game from the creator of the genre!

  • Gloomy Voxel Editor on download

    The voxel editor, crafted by Frédérick Raynal, and used to create all the characters in 2Dark is available for download on for all those who have access to it.

  • Last news !

    First, good news, we have finally received the Collector's editions of the factory ... All that remains is to "personalize" them and send them to you. Please, have a little more patience!

    For the Gloomywood Artists and superiors, a final version of the Gloomy Voxel Editor is expected to be available soon for download.

    On the other hand, the bad news is that the Linux and Mac versions will probably never exist ... Or in months. Once again, we can only offer to refund you. Please send us your requests by 24 March.

  • Some info...

    In the previous news, we asked backers interested in a console version to send us an e-mail before March 10, 2017. We apologize for all those who sent their application after this deadline because unfortunately we cannot take it into account. If your request was made before March 10, 2017, please note that our publisher Bigben Interactive has already applied to Sony and Microsoft for the necessary download codes. So you should not wait any longer to receive yours... sorry for the delay.

    For those who are demanding a Linux or Mac version, it's under discussion... But we will not be able to provide immediately such version. So, as we have proposed to the few people who complain about the DRM in the PC version, we offer you to ask for a refund of your contribution. But we will not be able to remove your name from the list of backers in the game...

    To obtain a refund, send an email to, stating the reasons given. We are not a multinational, so your application may take some time to be processed. Thank you in advance for your understanding. (For now, we have only received one request!).

    The production of 2Dark took more than two years, with a team of about ten people... Our mistake was to underestimate the scope  (and the budget) of our project. Indeed a crowdfunding campaign of 30,000 euros is a little light when we look at the full development budget today. But it really helped us and gave us the energy to continue!

    For more than a year, Bigben Interactive has supported us, especially financially, which allowed us to finalize the project... And it must be admitted, without them, there would be no 2Dark. So yes, there is a setback to the medal: Gloomywood lost in independence. And we are no longer quite free to deal with our backers as we would have liked to do...

    We just hope that those who do not feel "betrayed" will take pleasure in playing 2Dark on Steam, PS4 or Xbox! Voxels, pixels, serial killers and kids in distress are in line with what we promised you.

  • Your version: Steam, PS4 or Xbox One?!?

    Hello everyone!

    Since you have supported the development of 2Dark, you will receive its final version for download (except for those who have pre-ordered the Collector version), but you’ll be able to continue to access the Beta version and the Gloomy Voxel Editor on

    Most of you will therefore quickly receive a Steam key through an email. And probably this will make some unhappy since we promised a DRM-free version in our Ulule campaign ...

    But since then, if you’ve followed our adventures, we have received help from Bigben Interactive who is now in charge of the 2Dark distribution. And this partnership unfortunately requires us to use Steam keys for our backers and other supporters.

    On the other hand, the same partnership allowed us to release our game on PS4 and Xbox One. And today we are able to offer you the choice of the platform on which you would like to play 2Dark!!!

    By default, everybody will receive a Steam key. If you would like to receive a PS4 or Xbox One code as a replacement, please email us at with "Console version" in the subject line.

    You have until the 10th of March for that because then, unfortunately we’ll not able to exchange your version anymore.

    Have fun!
    The GloomyTeam

  • 2Dark at IndieCade Europe

    The Gloomywood team will be at the Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris on November 18- 19, 2016, to present its game at the first IndieCade Europe.

    Do not hesitate to come and see us to try 2Dark at 95% finished!