A Survival Horror video game from the creator of the genre!

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  • belagdae


    toujours pas de nouvelles sur la version finale ?

  • floruit

    idem une petite news svp ?

  • logwin

    Je me pose la même question ... :/

  • geekpapy


    quand est ce que le jeu sera disponible ?

  • tommythomsonscaryboy

    I'm admin at href="http://scarygamesnow.com" , check our website, we have all the horror games that matters.

  • brunobrozovicmrgood

    You can try post your game here: http://freehorrorgames.net . Great website with great games and huge visit.

  • jessycat

    Hey Frederick, it would be great if you could publish a demo version to this website:

    It will definitely help you to reach a wider audience. One of my friends published his game there and in a few days he's game got over 30k plays.

  • davymichiels

    We own a website called http://www.scaredtoplay.com which is solely about horror games. We would love to try out an early copy to write a review about your game.

  • dried

    J'ai essayé avec mes identifiants ulule et impossible de lancer le jeu.
    En faisant mdp oublié, il me dit qu'aucun utilisateur n'est enregistré à cette adresse.

  • martindecager

    Les mêmes que pour Ulule il me semble, perso j'ai fait un renvoi de password sur mon adresse mail.

  • floruit

    bonjour comment on a les ID et MDP pour acceder a la demo svp ?

  • martindecager

    Salut !
    Je viens de tester votre démo et c'est bien sympa, j'aime beaucoup l'ambiance, personnellement j'ai réalisé un score de 4 920 en trois try. C'est possible de savoir exactement comment est calculé le score ?

    En tout cas j'aime beaucoup !

  • bestary

    Hello for everybody!
    My English isn't so good, sorry ^^
    I'm just a russian girl (one of the many) who played into LBA in faraway childhood (when I was 11) and was great charmed by this world and Twinsen. By writing this post I just want to say "thank you" for all that you doing for video games, for people and for me.

    Sorry for writing this here, I have no another place where I can explain my feelings. ^^'

    There is about 750 people in vk.com (our social web) in russian group about LBA, we monitor all that you doing here, we translate it to our language as soon as we can, we want support you!

    I'm really happy about those shining moments which seems to became so close and real for now. =)

  • gloomywoodCreator

    Pour Astenor et tous les autres retardataires, vous pouvez encore nous rejoindre sur www.2dark.cc !

  • astenor

    Zut, vu sur NoLife seulement hier ... Trop tard ...
    J'aurais aimé contribuer, mais ce ser
    Ce sera pour la prochaine fois :)
    Bon courage

  • gloomywoodCreator

    Done! Thank you Jessica...

  • jessicasmith

    I know a guy who calls himself Dark and runs website http://www.darkhorrorgames.com
    Please contact him in case you would like to get more audience for this game, or in case you would like to publish a demo or anything like that. the site is very popular in US and worldwide so it would be nice to get this game running there. mail is admin at ....

  • serial_pixel

    il fallait lire www.2dark.cc ;)

  • gloomywoodCreator

    Encore un grand merci ! ;-)
    Laissez-nous vos messages sur www.2drk.cc, svp. C'est vraiment plus simple àgèrer pour nous...
    merci de votre compréhension.

  • alexmasson31

    j'ai contribué a votre projet pour encourager les productions françaises =) je vous souhaite un très bon développement §

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