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[email protected] : 2 Speed Records in USA

An old 1946 Peugeot 202 establishes 2 speed record on Bonneville Lake during the speed week.

About the project

We are going to set 2 World Speed Records on Bonneville Salt Lake (USA) in August 2018, with a nice little Peugeot 202 from 1946. We need your help to finish the race car, buy the mandatory safety equipment for the car and pilot.
Review the above video presentating our crowfunding ==>

To carry out this adventure, we created an Association called NACL (registered under the number R.N.A. W913008227). NaCl is the chemical symbol of sodium chloride, more commonly known as ... salt. And salt, we will see in quantity on the Salt Lake of Bonneville ...

As for the project, read on and you will soon discover the secret behind this name 202 @ 232 ...

Bonneville Salt Lake is located on the Utah-Nevada border in the USA. This is where a land craft crossed the Wall of Sound for the first time in history. Since 1949, the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA) has organized an event called Speed Week. It brings together nearly 600 competitors from all over the world for a big week of speed. Cars, motorcycles and trucks are categorized according to their characteristics and performance. The speeds reached range from 50 to over 700 km / h!

Challenger II le streamliner de Danny Thompson, vitesse maxi 701,097 km/h en 2017 !!

All three, Erwan, Serge and Frank, we put ourselves in mind to participate in the Speed Week in August 2018 with a completely unexpected machine in the middle of all the monsters of power that we meet up there: a 1946 Peugeot 202 !

We discovered our 202 in a shed, and we turn it into a record car !!

This nice little popular car will of course be transformed into a race car to take up the challenge. We build it in the spirit of the 60s, with period spare parts. But his design will allow it to establish the 2 records that we have in focus in categories H / CBFALT and H / CBGALT.

The grille of our 202 will be clogged. Illustration of the final project (Philippe Berne - Red Hot Tiki)

The 1965 Alfa Romeo engine will be equipped with a compressor. This very special engine is under construction at L'école de la Performance, and will allow the 202 to triple its original performance. Our target speed is above 232 km / h.

Luke and Romeo build the engine during their training at L'école de la Performance (Nogaro)

And yes, that's the secret of the name of the project. With a 202 that runs at 232 km / h, the project is naturally named 202 @ 232 !!

We have plenty of rewards for all of you who will support us.


You support our project in any way, so our first word is: THANK YOU !!
THANK YOU for making such an unlikely adventure possible. Thank you for your confidence. THANK YOU for adding your stone to this gigantic building, it will come true thanks to your many supporters.

First and foremost, if you agree, we will publish YOUR NAME on our site on the support page. A name in a list that will quickly grow longer, and that will give full measure to the motto of the project "With a little help from my friends".

2. The Rapid'Sel Challenge

Salt is the start of all this adventure. To give us even more support and broadcast the 202 @ 232 project, take part to the Rapid'Sel Challenge. For this purpose, take a selfie with a salt shaker in hand, and post it both on social networks, and on our site by going to Then indicate the emails of 3 friends that you challenge to achieve the same thing, and therefore to join the Challenge Rapid'Sel too. The best part is that by going to, you will see the community of the Challenge grow real time!

Here is the official sticker for the challenge:

3. Goodies

Goodies 202 @ 232 will allow you to proudly display the colors and spirit of the project. For that, we have provided badges, Tshirts, books, ... and even an official watch in two versions !!

  •      The official badge of the project 202 @ 232

     Wear the colors of the team with french style thanks to the official badge of the project.

  • "Automobiles et Rimes futiles", le livre de chevet de l'équipe,auteur Erwan.
    The first 200 participants buy the book written by Erwan. This is a collection of poems on the automobile, awarded the first prize of self-publishing 2015 ! For connoisseurs only !

  • The numbered paper edition 40x50cm of the team around the record car
    Photographer Bernard Canonne pictured the team during the construction of the 202 record. Your personal print will be numbered and signed by hand by Erwan, Serge and Frank.
  • Official Team Tshirt
    The Official Tshirt takes the colors worn by Serge and his team in Bonneville in 2017, at the launch of the project 202 @ 232. It proudly displays the punchline "202 @ 232 Powered by The School of PERFORMANCE".

  • The workshop carnet (in French)
    Follow step by step and in photos the team during the construction of the record 202, find the sketches of Serge, learn all the secrets of the rules of Bonneville.

    The workshop notebook will tell the story of the construction of the record car. It all starts with a meeting and it is from the singularity of the protagonists that this adventure is born. We will share with you in this book how the idea of ​​competing a Peugeot 202 emerged, and the reflections that have led to solutions to meet the rules established by the SCTA. This car prepared to race at more than 3 times its original speed is deeply transformed. This is the story of the construction of this car and the details of the technical modifications that we will reveal to you. We will make you travel in our workshop from your sofa, with great anecdotes and sketches. And if the campaign works well, maybe we can add a continuation ...
  • The official [email protected] "15.5" watch
    42mm diameter watch, metal case, printed dial back, black synthetic leather strap, Citizen 2035 or Seiko PC21 quartz movement, waterproof 30 meters.

5. Your NAME on the World Records car
Take a decisive step: enter your name in the History of Bonneville. We will post your name on our Peugeot 202. It will appear on the grille panel "With A Little Help From My Friends". And so, you will be a little more with us on the Salt Lake Bonneville during the establishment of world speed records over 232km / h!

5. Your LOGO on the world records car

Even stronger !! ... Are you a craftsman, an entrepreneur, or a leader of a start-up? This technical and sporting project already fascinates you, its values of self-transcendence and international adventure are your own spirit ? ... We will take your logo to the United States to establish with us a speed world record of more than 232km / h. Live from the Salt Lake and of course back, we will provide the photos of the event with your logo prominently !!

6. Ultimate Goodie Number 1

For the last two highest levels of contribution, we offer you even more out of the ordinary objects to realize our project.

Serge is a painter, acquire an original and exceptional painting on the theme of Bonneville and hot rod. You will then miss you more than the noise of the engines to transform your living room in Salt Lake !!

"Wendover au coucher du soleil" - Huile sur toile, dimensions 54x39cm
See Serge's artwork on his facebook page Les Ateliers de Serge.

Attention, this exceptional goodie is only available in one original exemplary.

7. Ultimate Goodie Number 2

Enthusiast watchmaker, Erwan has designed a watch that will be worn by the driver of the 202 during the two record attempts. This watch will be called 15.5, which is the time in seconds required to cross 1 kilometer at a speed of 232 km/h.

For the highest level of contribution, Erwan will make for you a small series of these automatic mechanical watches. These real world record watches will be animated by a Citizen MIYOTA 8215 mechanical movement, a reference in terms of reliability. They will adopt a stainless steel case, a window is provided for the display of the date. As for the bottom of the dial, it will be exclusive and in the colors of the project [email protected] !!

Attention, this exceptional product is available in very limited numbers.

NOTE : for our possible international contributors, the shipping costs outside of France will be calculated at the fairest price, and you will be submitted for validation before sending.

What are the funds for?

As you know, the motto of the project is "With A Little Help From My Friends". We regularly seek help from the community that follows us. From our side we share our knowledge of Bonneville, its rules, and comment extensively on the project 202 @ 232 on our facebook page and our site, so that it inspires future participants.

The popular little car of 1946 has become a record car, it will roll 3 times faster than originally !!

The project is very ambitious, and it has reached a turning point. The construction of the record car is now well advanced, and its engine designed by the School of PERFORMANCE is ready to shoot. We still have to finalize the car, and acquire the mandatory safety equipment for the car and its driver. We need your support to take this new step.

The estimated budget provides for 5 major items of expenditure, the first two will be covered by this crowdfunding campaign:

We have already bought the Peugeot 202 from 1946, largely started its transformation into a run car according to the rules of the SCTA. The engine has been assembled entirely by our partner School of Performance. We have to finish this prototype: homologated seat, steering wheel, removable hub, steering, ball joints, high-speed tires, gearbox control, braking system, etc ...

The safety equipment installed in the car and worn by the driver are imposed by the organizers of the event: fire extinguishers (750 €), harness (250 €), shock absorbing foam (50 €), circuit breaker (50 € ), HANS system (450 €), "restraints arm" (50 €), overalls (255 €), fireproof underwear (123 €), helmet (425 €), boots (114 €), gloves (35 €) and fireproof hoods (40 €) ...

It needed a "pie chart" schematizing the various budget items, so here is a Camembert as we call this kind of chart in France ...

We will have to finance the 3 following positions, for which we are always in active search of our sponsor:

3. CAR TRANSPORT (20.000 €):
Before putting its wheels on the salt in Bonneville, our Peugeot 202 will live a great trip: A transport by truck to Le Havre, a loading container on a cargo ship, a crossing of the Atlantic to the port of Long Beach (Los Angeles) via the Panama Canal, and finally 1100km of truck! Not to mention the return, and the checks at the dock or at the borders.

To participate in the Speed ​​Week, we will take the Peugeot 202 to more than 8000km from France and bring it back!

4. LOGISTICS (8,200 €):
To ensure the stewardship during the 15 days of the competition, we must rent a camper for the team (1930 €), as well as a van with tie (880 €) and a trailer for the assistance of the vehicle. record (1900 €), and fuel them with gasoline (700 €). It is also a question of paying the pitches and ensuring the life on the spot during the duration of the competition (1750 €). Registration for the competition is 985 €.

Return flight tickets France - Salt Lake City for the members of the team.

We are very hopeful that the joint buzz of this campaign, the Rapid'Sel Challenge will also allow us to find our last sponsor. Whoever will accompany us, our little 202 and us to the United States. The more you will be in Like, support, follow and share our adventure, the greater our chances of winning it!

About the project owner

Erwan, Frank and Serge ready for the adventure.

  Erwan is a Patent Engineer, his strong technical knowledge is a big asset for the project. He also has skills in project management and internet communication.

     Frank is a press and internet consultant. He has been racing in Bonneville since 2008, and has designed several cars and motorcycles as a 4L van that reached 237 km / h in 2011 during the Speed Week. In total, Frank has set 5 World Records in Bonneville.

     Serge is a professor of Visual Arts, at 14 he was already transforming a Renault 4CV to run on the Salt Lake !! Since 2012, he has been racing on motorcycles he designed in collaboration with L'école de la Performance. Serge has set 4 World Records in Bonneville.

Visit us on our website at and our facebook page, to follow the project, the challenge Rapid'Sel progress, and the whole adventure !!..
Revoir la vidéo de présentation du crowfunding sur